Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Dresses

How cute! My little sweeties in their Easter Dresses. I remember getting a new Easter Dress every year and how excited I was to put it on Easter morning and parade to church feeling like a million bucks! I think I feel even more excited about my girls wearing theirs! My mom and dad have made it a tradition to buy Maybel her Easter outfit each year since since Shayne and I have been married. My mom bought these matching dresses for both Nalley & Maybel this year and oh, how cute they looked!

It has been so difficult living 1500 miles from my parents and holidays are especially hard. I wish that they were here to enjoy our Easter feast of ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, fresh baked bread, baked turkey with was so good. To top it all off, my wonderful mother-in-law, Wendy, always finishes with the best baked desserts. We had cute little cupcakes and cookies and an apple pie to boot!

I had so much fun with the girls and Shayne, can't wait to scrapbook all my memories of the week's adventures, dying eggs, our dinner, Easter morning and the egg hunt...savor the moments while they're young!
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