Friday, March 14, 2008

My First Blog

Wow, my very first blog…who would have thunk it? Not that I’m not at least somewhat proficient on the computer, it’s just that I don’t have much time these days, with an 8 month old and all.

I do find that my time to myself is enjoyed on the computer and doing crafty projects. Apart from my business, Magnolia Designs, where I hand-paint custom pottery, I enjoy sewing, cooking and baking, and scrapbooking, both digital and traditional.

My latest project has been a simple quilt for my daughter Nalley’s first birthday at the end of June. I have enjoyed it and it has gone rather quickly. She’s been a doll just sitting and playing while I talk to her about her “surprise” quilt I’m making for her birthday (right in front of her)! I guess this will be the last year that I get to shop and work right in front of her for what are supposed to be surprises! Oh well…

I do need to get back to the laundry, what I like to call Mount Murray, when it gets to the point it is now…piled high, just calling to me, wait that’s my husband complaining that he has no more clean undies or socks. Anywho, I must return and conquer Mount Murray. Toodles for now…I’ll blog again soon…

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