Monday, April 14, 2008

A Great Vacation!

We had one GREAT time in Hawaii!! The kids were great, the weather was amazing and we soaked up all the sun we could get. Shayne and I feel so blessed to be able to take our family on such a great trip...thanks Brent and Wendy for such an awesome opportunity! We took so many pictures, I'll be scrapbooking for some time to come.

While we were in Maui, Shayne bought me a GORGEOUS silver Tiffany bracelet for our 3rd anniversary! Thanks babe, you ROCK! He laughed at me afterwards because I didn't want to open the box until we got home so that I could take pictures of it all wrapped up for my scrapbook. He jokingly asked if the bag and box would have been honey, but they are pretty cool! Gotta love that little blue box! (I'll post a pic later, they're all in my father-in-law's camera still).

We all miss sleeping with the the Maui breeze blowing through the walls of screen was fabulous. This is a picture of our house in Maui...our bedroom opened right out onto the pool lucky were we???

Hope we can go back someday!!!