Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bible Verses...Scrapped!

I have really wanted to read the Bible more lately. Finding that I "don't have time" to really dig into it like I did when I wasn't a mom, I wanted to incorporate some of "the Word" back into my life. So, I dedided to digi-scrap some scriptures and put them as art of the fridge so that my family and I can read and ponder as we pass by each day.

From there, I thought that it would probably be nice to share some of them with the girls in my mom's group, so I challenged them to e-mail me their favorite scripture (or one that has meant something to them), not telling them what my "little project" was. If you guys are reading this...then you now know my secret...ha! I have printed them each a set for their own fridge.

So, here they are:

I have not finished them all yet, but this is a start. I will post the rest as I finish them.

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