Friday, May 30, 2008


There are days that I wonder what happened to me. I survey my house on a daily basis and muse at the dirty laundry, the food scattered around the high chair (didn't I just clean that up), the fingerprints on the mirrors and windows, the crumbs spread across the countertop, the piles of mail that seem to collect on my desk, and I think I must be living someone else's life.

In my "past" life (a.k.a. before kids) my house was always neat and tidy, everything had a home and lived there without protest, and the laundry never collected in the floor. I even worked some 50-60 hours a week at times and managed to do it all. Since then, I've added a husband, a step-daughter (who none too gently broke me in), and a baby to this wild life I live.

Each week brings on a diffent challenge for me to conquer, and I must say that I am glad for it. Even though some weeks are truly harder than others and I'm praying for the weekend, I would not change a thing. We are on this journey together, learning, laughing, loving, and playing hard. We can accept each others faults and flaws and laugh about how crazy we make each other. God has blessed me beyond measure and I LOVE my {nutty} life!

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