Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sick Babies Make Me Sad

There really is nothing more saddening to me than a sick, helpless baby. Nalley has had a stomach virus for more than 24 hours now and can keep NOTHING down. This is her 2nd go of it, once while we were in Georgia in February. Shayne commented last night that it just doesn't seem fair that she's got it again. I agree and would gladly take it for her, but I can't!

It really pains me to see her so listless and hungry, yet so sick if she tries to eat. However, she will get over this in a day or two and be back to her nomal happy-go-lucky self. But there will still be millions of sick and dying kids right here and all over the world. Their parents will still have to cuddle and rock, dry tears and console, comfort and try to muster a smile for their little one's sake. My heart breaks for Nalley, but even more so for all of those babies fighting far worse illnesses than a stomach flu. And for the parents staying up nights, working overtime to pay medical bills, worrying their own health away, and doing ANYTHING necessary to make their kids better. I salute you, and I will pray for you. May God heal your child and comfort your soul!

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