Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today is our Anniversary...

and I forgot it!!!!! Well, I didn't completely forget it, we've been talking about it for a few weeks now ...ever since Shayne bought my gorgeous Tiffany bracelet while we were on vacation in Maui. He got an X-Box 360 from me, so we exchanged our gifts early. With that being said, at around 10 p.m. last night, Shayne came down stairs and cautiously said to me, "Honey, did you get me a card or anything for our anniversary tomorrow?" Duoh..." uuuhhh no", I said. "Good, good, good...cause I didn't either!", he replied.

Now, first of all, I never forget things like ANNIVERSARIES, well at least my own. And secondly, how could I possibly be upset with him because he didn't get me a card, when I forgot all about it too?!? I always thought that "Baby Brain" was just a pregnant woman's excuse to the world to let her revel in all the glories of having a baby. Little did I know that it is real, it is frustrating, and it doesn't end when you give birth...I'm starting to wonder if it goes away at all (please tell me it does)!

At any rate, I started thinking today about our slip-up with "forgetting" our anniversary. I was feeling pretty bad about it, but then I remembered that it isn't a card once a year that makes our marriage great, *and it is most of the time* it's how we treat each other day in and day out that keeps a couple together year after year. I'd do good to remember how well Shayne treats me everyday. The kind words he speaks, the way he's always telling me how beautiful I am (even right after I had Nalley), and the way he wants "get" stuff for me because he knows I want it...those are the things that make each day of our marriage special.

I hope I don't ever forget again, but I know that even if I do...the card that I bought from the store doesn't express the sentiment as well as the words I speak each day do. Today I'm celebrating the wonderful choice I made in a husband and what a great family we have!

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