Monday, May 5, 2008

What a Pain

I've been working almost all day (as much of all day as the mom of a 10 month old has) to try and get this blog template customized from 2 columns to 3 columns...and I'm ready to pull my hair out. I finally did it, THANK YOU JESUS...but I'm sure my hairdresser is going to have a hayday trying to cover the gray hairs that were amassed in the process.

Next up, to add all the custom backgrounds that I want to, but I honestly don't have any more brain cells left for it right now. Not to mention that I'm in the process of getting a website set up for Magnolia Designs, fun fun fun!

I'm off to bed, Nalley was up 3 times last night/early morning...could she possibly be teething...10 months and still no teeth! As my dad used to say, "Bedtime Bill", there's no one named Bill in our family...good night!

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