Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Birthday Filled with Fun-ness

Wow! Today was jam-packed with so much fun and excitement. We has a total blast at the zoo. It was cool enough for most of the morning and early afternoon that we were very comfortable. Towards the end though, it got HOT! Nalley and Maybel both were troopers and they had so much fun. We had our "picnic" at Applebee's because it was too hot and we needed some AC to cool us off. We went home and had our cupcake celebration and then just crashed. We were all beat from a fun, fun day!

Here is Nalley getting some help opening her birthday dress from Maybel and Daddy.

Nalley's favorite part of the zoo were the monkeys. She laughed and laughed as she watched them play and goof off. We laughed and laughed at her reaction to them.

After we'd seen all we wanted to see, we took both of the girls to have a pony ride. Nalley got on the little one with a white mane and Maybel chose the larger black one. They both enjoyed every minute of it.

We had only been in the truck for about 5 minutes when Nalley's head started bobbing. I turned around a minute later and this is what I saw...mouth open, sound was just too much excitement for one morning.

Maybel and I stayed up late(r) last night and made some homemade cupcakes for our family foursome celebration. Well, I was going to make the cupcakes myself, but it was too late, so I cheated and used a cake mix...but we did make the most FABULOUS pink (of course) buttercream frosting...OMG...I don't have words. I have always used the recipe from The Magnolia Bakery appropriate, right? Their signature buttercream is always could it not be my favorite?!? Maybel was such a good helper and she the best sprinkle sprinkle-er EVER! They were so yummy!!!

Singing Happy Birthday, she's not quite sure of what to expect.

Her first taste of good-ness...I can see the happy emerging.

After the cupcake was demolished, this is what we were left with.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Year Ago

June 26, 2007 at 7:37 p.m our sweet little Nalley Kathleen made her grand entrance. It was the most emotional and joyous day of my life. Shayne and I were talking last week about when she was born, and I really don't remember a lot of the details, thank goodness. I remember it being the hardest thing I've ever done and yet the most rewarding.

My pregnancy was not easy, and truthfully, I didn't enjoy it all that much. There were aspects that I loved, and look forward to doing again, but I am not one of those women who can say that they enjoyed every day and would do it a thousand time...nope, not me!
We have a fun filled day planned. We are keeping Maybel out of school (THANK GOD Friday is her last day) and we're going to the zoo as a family. We're taking a picnic lunch to the park for after and then we'll end it up with homemade cupcakes and a swim in the pool. Grandma and Granpa are in BC visiting Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa with the rest of the family, so no one is here to celebrate with Nalley except our little foursome. Today happens to be Grandma and Grandpa's (Brent and Wendy) wedding anniversary. Yes, Nalley was born on their 25th anniversary...her early arrival (2 weeks early) botched their anniversary dinner plans.
This is a picture of our first few minutes at home with Nalley.

3 days old and her first visit to Starbucks (go figure...the Murrays are ALL addicted to Starbucks). Funny story behind this picture...Brent (my FIL) thought it would be cute to have a picture of her with her first Starbuck's drink...i.e. the raspberry mocha frappaccino seen below. He had her propped up and the mini-drink in front of her. Her head was so wobbly that it fell right over into the whipped cream and raspberry was ALL OVER her face and her little tongue just started poking right out, licking up all the yummy, sweet was HILARIOUS! That little starbucks' cup is hiding a HUGE raspberry drizzle stain on her outfit!

Here's to our sweet angel's very first birthday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just 1 Month

It was a Safeway Cluster .... fill in the blank.

Wendy's (Shayne's mom) friend, Randee, from Moose Jaw was in to run in the Manitoba Marathon over Father's Day weekend. She told us that she hasn't paid for a flight in who knows when by using her Air Miles points. That is the great thing about Canada, you can collect air miles here just by shopping at the places you always do. They swipe your card, and you collect air miles....simple as that. The only problem is, you might spend $1000 and only get 1.5 points. At least that's how it seems sometimes. Then other times, you shop on the right day and you spend $15 and collect 80 points.

Back to the story... So Randee told us that she shops at Safeway during the Air Miles coupon events and racks up outrageous amounts of Air Miles. I was looking in the flyer yesterday and saw that this week was one such Air Miles event. Spend $100 and redeem coupon for an additional 100 points. Then buy 4 of this, get 40 points, buy 2 of that get 15 points, so on and so forth.

We planned it out so that Shayne and I each had a 100 point coupon. We would monitor the total and keep tally so that we could seperate our order just at $100. No problem, nice check out lady who was also "all about the air miles points". We start our second half of the purchase and we're about $10 short...crap! So, Shayne goes over and picks up more soft drinks (we'd already purchased about six 12-packs for Nalley's party)...we're good to go...until the check out lady scans my Safeway card...we're down to $79. That's GREAT, I saved that much money, just for having a Safeway card. I'm stoked until I remember we're trying to get our bill UP to $100 so we can collect 100 more of these damn Air Miles points. So Shayne grabs MORE soft drinks...we're still short. I start picking up skittles, scan....short...more skittles....scan...short... here's the whole freakin' box....short...OMG...the people behind us are just standing there, watching in amazement at the circus that's going on before their eyes! (Did I mention that Nalley is screaming and Maybel is pushing her around the store, trying to calm her down...oh, I forgot that part, didn't I?!????)

End of story...we got our precious Air Miles. Where are we going, you ask? Oh, we don't have a trip planned, we don't have any money left to spend on ANY trip, because we now have a pantry full of skittles and soft drinks...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Case of the Missing Mojo...

Oh where, oh where has my mojo gone? Oh where, oh where could it be???

I just haven't got it lately. I was on a roll, or at least I thought I was, and then....pphhhttt...nothing! I can't seem to get a digi LO to my satisfaction. I have been working on a challenge LO for about 3 days now and I hate it. I've COMPLETELY redone it, it looks nothing like what it started out looking like, and I still can't figure it out. I think it may be because I am completly EXHAUSTED lately.

Why? Because my soon-to-be one year old is giving me fits at nap time and bed time. Is it her teeth? Is she getting sick? Is she just getting cranky in her old age? I don't know, but she's giving me a run for my money.

I may not be able to put together a LO that I am happy with, but I have been working on some new pottery designs that are pretty cute and whimsical. I have also had the sewing bug lately after finishing the quilts for Nalley. I have been lurking on some fabric websites lately searching for my next find. I have long loved Amy Butler and Michael Miller fabric, and just recently became aware of Heather Bailey's awesomeness from Laura. I actually figured out today that some of her fabric is in Nalley's quilt and I didn't even know who she was. See, loved her stuff before I even knew she was great! There is also some Amy Butler and Michael Miller stuff in there too, BTW.

Anyway, if you see my digi mojo, can you e-mail it to me...thanks!

Nalley's First Swim

Yesterday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to take our first swim of the season. It was extra special because it was Nalley's first time in the pool. She had been in the hot tub in Maui (it wasn't actually hot, just lukewarm) but none of us ever got in the pool.

She loves the bath so I assumed that she would love the pool, and I was right. She had a total blast. Of course I'm never in the pictures anymore (I'm going to make a conscious effort to do better with that) but here she is with Daddy having some pool time fun.

BTW, LOVE LOVE my 50 mm rocks! If only I could improve my photog skills...we'd be good to go.

Totally love this pic...but look...there's a hose in the background...that sucks!

If only the weather were more consistant here in Winnipeg, we'd be living at the pool. It's just hit or miss lately. This last week was PERFECT pool weather but the pool heater bit the dust and was only replaced on Friday...hence our first pool day....Saturday. I'm all about soaking up the beautiful summer weather here, our season is so short compared to Georgia, I'm all about being outside when we can. And then there are the "mozzies" as my friend Tracey calls them. She's from the UK and she cracks me up. I'm talking about the notorious Winnipeg mosquitos...they suck! I really did think that Georgia mosquitos were bad until I came here. They literally chase you from the house to the car, they're annoying to say the least. Now, since it seems as though I've said nothing good about the Peg in this post...let me tell you how much I appreciate the fact that there is nothing that lives here that will kill (lest you count the mozzies that carry West Nile), there are no diamondback rattle snakes such as this one that my brother, Hamilton, killed in south Georgia recently while strolling my 18 month old twin nephews. He called my sister-in-law, Beth, to bring him his 3 iron. I guess golf clubs can double as a handy-dandy-beat-the-daylights-out-of-a-snake-while-protecting-your-kids tool too.

There aren't any poisonus snakes of any kind, nor are there poisonus spiders, or scorpions, or anything that will kill you if it bites you. There aren't any roaches or camelback crickets, or anything gross and skeevy like that...and I am REALLY happy for that. There are lots of wonderful things that I totally love about Winnipeg, but the unpredictable weather, it just isn't one of them. So, we're going to throw everything else to the side and fully live each moment of the glorious weather while we can!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Is This Look?

It usually only takes me between 1 and 3 hours total to do an entire LO with edits and everything. I have been STRUGGLING with this LO for 3-4 DAYS. Finally, I decided that I just wasn't getting anywhere else with it right now, so I'm done with it...maybe. The AWESOME thing about digital is, if I want to change it at any time, I can! Anyway, for now, here it is!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot Biker on the Trails...

3 years ago, Shayne and I bought matching mountain bikes...ha ha...matching...I know. It wasn't because they were matching, just because they were affordable and good for what we wanted to do, or so we thought. Almost as soon as we started to hit the trails and do somewhat technical rides, he's been wanting a new one (seriously, it was only about 2 months after we bought them he started asking for a new one)! I have always thought that my bike was good enough for what I do, and it is, Shayne is way better and way braver than me. That being said, I've hurt myself and gotten many scrapes and bruises from the likes of falling down the mt. backwards, falling 10 feet down the side of a cliff (the bushes and overgrowth broke the fall....somewhat) but I've never broken or damaged my bike. Shayne on the other hand, has broken the computer off of his bike...twice, ripped the seat, scraped the paint, gotten sand in the gear shifter, bent the front shock, ripped off the derailer, and broke his chain...get my drift?!?

So, on Sunday, Shayne got his new bike!!! Doesn't he look hot? I think he loves it more than me. Not really, but he's seriously infatuated. It's a super nice dual suspension Scott and as Shayne would say, "He's seriously stoked"! Best of all, he got a wicked deal at Gord's bike shop. So if you Peggers see him on the trails or on the road, give Shayne a shout out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Quilts

We decided not to buy Nalley any toys or other "stuff" of that nature for her 1st birthday (as we knew there would be lots of it from other people) but instead I decided to make her a quilt that she could keep forever. I wanted it to be something really special from mom and dad. Since pink and green are my favorite colors (and she can't tell me what her's are right now)...we went with that. I bought all of my fabric in Georgia in February and made the top when we got home. Because this is only the 3rd quilt I've ever made, I didn't want to quilt it myself, so I sent it to be long-arm quilted in Moose Jaw. The lady that did it, also did the one that I made for Daniel last year. She did a great job.
I made it to be big enough that Nalley could take it off with her to college when she goes to the University of Georgia to become a pharmacist (I haven't planned her life out or anything...LOL). I also wanted her to have something that she could drag around and love to death for right now, so I made her a mini version too. Since I didn't really care if the smaller one was perfect, I decided to try and do the whole thing and I must say, it did turn out pretty cute...I'm happy with the results. Wendy's BF from Moose Jaw (who told us about the lady that did the quilting) also makes some GORGEOUS quilts and she helped me out this weekend while she was in to run in the Manitoba Marathon. It wasn't as hard as I had imagined it to be, but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do it blindly with no instruction.

Now Maybel has said that she wants me to make her a blue one...and Shayne wants one too because I backed it with Minkie, which is soooo soft and cuddly. I guess instead of scrapbooking, I'll be quilting for a while. I actually won't be doing any of it until the fall when we can go shopping for fabric in Atlanta, it's just waaaayy to expensive to buy fabric here. It was fun and I love the satisfaction of a finished project...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Talkin' Turkey

Well at least thinking about turkey and dressing and all the Thanksgiving feast goodies!!! No, I haven't lost my mind (at least not today)...I'm just totally excited because I booked our flights back home to Georgia for Thanksgiving last night. I haven't been home for a holiday since I moved here. It works out great because American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving are not at the same we don't miss either one.

My family here have always been really good about helping me celebrate American Thanksgiving and 4th of July and all the American holidays that we don't celebrate in Canada. They know how important it is to hold on to that part of's who I am and I want my kids to know those things too. Even though they are dual citizens living in Canada, they ARE STILL American. The first two years I was here, Shayne was in school on Thursday nights and didn't get to celebrate with us, so my in-laws and I had a mini feast together. Last year, we did the whole shebang here at our house...exactly like we would have in Georgia when my grandparents were alive. It was great, everyone played along with me and it was lots of fun. Shayne's cousin Troy was actually pretty excited that he got turkey dinner a whole month before Christmas was funny!

But all I have to say is YAY!!!!! I get to go Black Friday shopping again! We do Boxing Day shopping here, but there is just waaaaayyyy more awesomeness to be had in the ATL...can't wait! I guess my mom and dad will be babysitting (they'll totally LOVE that).

Can't wait to see all my friends...I am so blessed that I have made some of the best friends ever here in Winnipeg, I totally love you all...but there is something to be said for lifelong friends...I miss them so much. And Maybel is beside herself to see Meghan and Parker, my best friend DeShea's kids, they are the best of friends too. Meghan is so funny, she calls Nalley her little sister in Canada. And I love how she says it...with the sweetest little southern die for! Maybel always comes home talking like me (and the rest of the south) because she is surrounded by it...and I get grief for months because my own accent is "refreshed" from being home. It's quite funny though, all my friends back home tell me I sound Canadian's so not true though, eh?! LOL!

Well, I'm returning to summer now, leaving behind the thoughts of turkey and sweet potatoes for another day. Off to start dinner and get ready for girl's night out with my good friend Daph...can't wait!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It was a GIRLIE-GIRL Tea Party!

And my poor husband had the only Y chromasome in sight. Although, I'm sure he's used to it by with three girls. He dug right in there and helped the girls decorate their tea party hats, helped officiate the fashion show, and served finger sandwiches and dainties to 12 second graders (and one little mini jellybean theif seen below).

I can't say enough about how wonderful my MIL, Wendy, is...she runs circles around me on my best (and her worst) day. She worked so hard to put on an AMAZING party for Maybel. She made this adorable cake...I"m in awe...I thought my cookies were cute until I saw her masterpiece! I'm sure she's glad she's not making the cake for Nalley's party. I have ordered it from High Tea Bakery, but it will be hard to impress me after seeing Wendy's awesome tea pot cake...I wonder if she'd make one for my birthday!?!
My two sweet girls...I have to be careful, I could just squeeze 'em till it hurt!!!

All the girls in their hats after the fashion show. They all looked so beautiful!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well, I worked all last night and this morning baking and decorating cookies for both girls birthday parties. I didn't finish Nalley's, as we've got a few weeks yet. Here is a picture of the tea pot cookies for Maybel's tea party tomorrow afternoon. We're all excited about it. Maybel wants she and Nalley to wear their Easter dresses again so they match at the party. I think that is just so sweet and they do look precious, even if I am the mom!

Luau Fun

The SUPER TALENTED Laura Ping just finished her Aloha kit, available at Polka Dot Potato, and she sent it to me the other day with a sweet note saying that she put the finishing touches on it with my family's Maui vacation in cool is that? Thanks Laura. This is a really quick page I put together using it (I just couldn't wait)!!! Really looking forward to putting together more LOs with it to document our awesome trip! By the way, LAURA ROCKS!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shades of Pink


Journaling says: the Innocence I see in you fills my Heart with Hope for the World.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Playdate, Pics & Paper Scrappin'

Today was a full day for little Miss Nalley and mommy! We had Auntie Jocelyne and Emily over for a play date this morning. The girls are 7 months apart (Emily is 18 months old) and they play soooo well together. This morning was a little more challenging for Nalley because she didn't want to share her toys, she didn't get mad, she just never willingly turned them over. Emily on the other hand, shared like a dream and would offer Nalley additional toys when reminded to share. I love Joce and Emily both so much, they're great fun.

Jocelyne brought over the latest pictures that she shot of Nalley last week at the park and they turned out sooooooooooo good!!! I am just giddy beyond belief! These were specifically done so that I could get one last good shot of Nalley for her BDay invitations that were sent to the printer this afternoon. I also wanted something that I could use for note cards for her thank yous, and I just love how they turned out. I am crazy for the vintage looking editing Joce did on a few of them, so soft and ethereal looking if you ask me.

Then this evening Jocelyne, her SIL, Terine, and I went to a crop to scrapbook, etc...with a little pit stop at McD's on the way. I never eat at McD's, just not usually my place, but man was it GOOD tonight! I got a couple of projects almost done and generally just had fun! Daddy kept Nalley tonight and he took her to Schrimer's Nursery to pick out some more plants and flowers for the yard. He said she had a blast looking up and down the aisles at all the colorful, pretty flowers. I knew she would have fun, Daddy's usually a riot!
Tomorrow is our oldest's Birthday, Maybel turns 8! We're looking forward to a fun evening at soccer and then her Tea Party is Saturday. I'll post some pics next week.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Totally Stoked!

My DH bought me the camera I've been begging for...the new Canon Rebel XSi with the EF-S 18–55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens with Optical Image Stabilizer. I got two additional lenses, the 50mm f/1.8, and the 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM and I'm having so much fun learning and playing. That's all I'm doing at the moment, I have a LONG way to go and a whole lot to learn but I'm so excited about my new SLR!

Here are a couple of photos that we were playing around with this weekend.

We're a little scary first thing Saturday morning...LOL!

Doesn't she look so guilty?? I don't know what she did or what she was about to do, but this what I bet she's thinking, "uuumm, nothing mommy, not doin' anything!"

As I said, don't know much about photography at all, just thought this one looked kinda cool. You photogs will probably laugh at it, but I'm just playin' right now.

Maybel's soccer jamboree was this weekend. They won 2 lost one. The one that they lost was no surprise, all the girls were twirling their hair, looking at their fingernails, generally was actually really funny to watch. I'd probably be doing the same thing though, soccer's not really my thing. Give me a football and some mud, I'm all in!

I've also gotten the crafty bug this weekend. I'm always on my computer digi scrapping but rarely am I into the paper and glue anymore. I am on the road to making some cute stuff, can't say now what cause it's mostly all gifts and stuff. Anyway, I'll post pics after I'm done giving it all away!

It's late, I'm tired and I'm sure Nalley will be up at her usual 6 a.m., so I'd better sign off!