Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Birthday Filled with Fun-ness

Wow! Today was jam-packed with so much fun and excitement. We has a total blast at the zoo. It was cool enough for most of the morning and early afternoon that we were very comfortable. Towards the end though, it got HOT! Nalley and Maybel both were troopers and they had so much fun. We had our "picnic" at Applebee's because it was too hot and we needed some AC to cool us off. We went home and had our cupcake celebration and then just crashed. We were all beat from a fun, fun day!

Here is Nalley getting some help opening her birthday dress from Maybel and Daddy.

Nalley's favorite part of the zoo were the monkeys. She laughed and laughed as she watched them play and goof off. We laughed and laughed at her reaction to them.

After we'd seen all we wanted to see, we took both of the girls to have a pony ride. Nalley got on the little one with a white mane and Maybel chose the larger black one. They both enjoyed every minute of it.

We had only been in the truck for about 5 minutes when Nalley's head started bobbing. I turned around a minute later and this is what I saw...mouth open, sound was just too much excitement for one morning.

Maybel and I stayed up late(r) last night and made some homemade cupcakes for our family foursome celebration. Well, I was going to make the cupcakes myself, but it was too late, so I cheated and used a cake mix...but we did make the most FABULOUS pink (of course) buttercream frosting...OMG...I don't have words. I have always used the recipe from The Magnolia Bakery appropriate, right? Their signature buttercream is always could it not be my favorite?!? Maybel was such a good helper and she the best sprinkle sprinkle-er EVER! They were so yummy!!!

Singing Happy Birthday, she's not quite sure of what to expect.

Her first taste of good-ness...I can see the happy emerging.

After the cupcake was demolished, this is what we were left with.

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Laura said...

OMG! She is so cute -- those blue eyes!

You've sold me. I found the Magnolia Butter Cream recipe on the internet and wondered if it was good. Now I know. I've always used the Joy of Cooking recipe. I will try it next time.

Can't wait to see the layouts of the zoo.