Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Quilts

We decided not to buy Nalley any toys or other "stuff" of that nature for her 1st birthday (as we knew there would be lots of it from other people) but instead I decided to make her a quilt that she could keep forever. I wanted it to be something really special from mom and dad. Since pink and green are my favorite colors (and she can't tell me what her's are right now)...we went with that. I bought all of my fabric in Georgia in February and made the top when we got home. Because this is only the 3rd quilt I've ever made, I didn't want to quilt it myself, so I sent it to be long-arm quilted in Moose Jaw. The lady that did it, also did the one that I made for Daniel last year. She did a great job.
I made it to be big enough that Nalley could take it off with her to college when she goes to the University of Georgia to become a pharmacist (I haven't planned her life out or anything...LOL). I also wanted her to have something that she could drag around and love to death for right now, so I made her a mini version too. Since I didn't really care if the smaller one was perfect, I decided to try and do the whole thing and I must say, it did turn out pretty cute...I'm happy with the results. Wendy's BF from Moose Jaw (who told us about the lady that did the quilting) also makes some GORGEOUS quilts and she helped me out this weekend while she was in to run in the Manitoba Marathon. It wasn't as hard as I had imagined it to be, but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do it blindly with no instruction.

Now Maybel has said that she wants me to make her a blue one...and Shayne wants one too because I backed it with Minkie, which is soooo soft and cuddly. I guess instead of scrapbooking, I'll be quilting for a while. I actually won't be doing any of it until the fall when we can go shopping for fabric in Atlanta, it's just waaaayy to expensive to buy fabric here. It was fun and I love the satisfaction of a finished project...


Lori Barnett said...

That's amazing!! I love quilts! My grandmother used to make them -- all by hand! Love it :)

Laura said...

oooooh. that quilt is gorgeous. the fabrics are perfect - and the actual quilting is unbelievable. my aunt made grace a quilt and had it machine quilted. the woman put her name in the quilting and it takes us forever to find it - but i think that is the neat part.

great job.

when you are in atlanta - try and find a store that sells amy butler and/or heather bailey fabric -- i think you will love it.