Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot Biker on the Trails...

3 years ago, Shayne and I bought matching mountain bikes...ha ha...matching...I know. It wasn't because they were matching, just because they were affordable and good for what we wanted to do, or so we thought. Almost as soon as we started to hit the trails and do somewhat technical rides, he's been wanting a new one (seriously, it was only about 2 months after we bought them he started asking for a new one)! I have always thought that my bike was good enough for what I do, and it is, Shayne is way better and way braver than me. That being said, I've hurt myself and gotten many scrapes and bruises from the likes of falling down the mt. backwards, falling 10 feet down the side of a cliff (the bushes and overgrowth broke the fall....somewhat) but I've never broken or damaged my bike. Shayne on the other hand, has broken the computer off of his bike...twice, ripped the seat, scraped the paint, gotten sand in the gear shifter, bent the front shock, ripped off the derailer, and broke his chain...get my drift?!?

So, on Sunday, Shayne got his new bike!!! Doesn't he look hot? I think he loves it more than me. Not really, but he's seriously infatuated. It's a super nice dual suspension Scott and as Shayne would say, "He's seriously stoked"! Best of all, he got a wicked deal at Gord's bike shop. So if you Peggers see him on the trails or on the road, give Shayne a shout out!

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Laura said...

nice bike~
i am in the market for one - but nothing fancy. i would love a retro looking schwinn - maybe ink with a nice little basket. nothing that would take a 10 foot fall. not that i would ever attempt such a thing.