Sunday, June 8, 2008

It was a GIRLIE-GIRL Tea Party!

And my poor husband had the only Y chromasome in sight. Although, I'm sure he's used to it by with three girls. He dug right in there and helped the girls decorate their tea party hats, helped officiate the fashion show, and served finger sandwiches and dainties to 12 second graders (and one little mini jellybean theif seen below).

I can't say enough about how wonderful my MIL, Wendy, is...she runs circles around me on my best (and her worst) day. She worked so hard to put on an AMAZING party for Maybel. She made this adorable cake...I"m in awe...I thought my cookies were cute until I saw her masterpiece! I'm sure she's glad she's not making the cake for Nalley's party. I have ordered it from High Tea Bakery, but it will be hard to impress me after seeing Wendy's awesome tea pot cake...I wonder if she'd make one for my birthday!?!
My two sweet girls...I have to be careful, I could just squeeze 'em till it hurt!!!

All the girls in their hats after the fashion show. They all looked so beautiful!


Laura said...

First - I love your house. You have great taste.
Second - that party looks like way too much work. Everything looks perfect. I hope she loved it.

I won't mention how jealous I am that your MIL is so great. I WISH!

Lori Barnett said...

These are the cutest pics!! ;)