Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nalley's First Swim

Yesterday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to take our first swim of the season. It was extra special because it was Nalley's first time in the pool. She had been in the hot tub in Maui (it wasn't actually hot, just lukewarm) but none of us ever got in the pool.

She loves the bath so I assumed that she would love the pool, and I was right. She had a total blast. Of course I'm never in the pictures anymore (I'm going to make a conscious effort to do better with that) but here she is with Daddy having some pool time fun.

BTW, LOVE LOVE my 50 mm rocks! If only I could improve my photog skills...we'd be good to go.

Totally love this pic...but look...there's a hose in the background...that sucks!

If only the weather were more consistant here in Winnipeg, we'd be living at the pool. It's just hit or miss lately. This last week was PERFECT pool weather but the pool heater bit the dust and was only replaced on Friday...hence our first pool day....Saturday. I'm all about soaking up the beautiful summer weather here, our season is so short compared to Georgia, I'm all about being outside when we can. And then there are the "mozzies" as my friend Tracey calls them. She's from the UK and she cracks me up. I'm talking about the notorious Winnipeg mosquitos...they suck! I really did think that Georgia mosquitos were bad until I came here. They literally chase you from the house to the car, they're annoying to say the least. Now, since it seems as though I've said nothing good about the Peg in this post...let me tell you how much I appreciate the fact that there is nothing that lives here that will kill (lest you count the mozzies that carry West Nile), there are no diamondback rattle snakes such as this one that my brother, Hamilton, killed in south Georgia recently while strolling my 18 month old twin nephews. He called my sister-in-law, Beth, to bring him his 3 iron. I guess golf clubs can double as a handy-dandy-beat-the-daylights-out-of-a-snake-while-protecting-your-kids tool too.

There aren't any poisonus snakes of any kind, nor are there poisonus spiders, or scorpions, or anything that will kill you if it bites you. There aren't any roaches or camelback crickets, or anything gross and skeevy like that...and I am REALLY happy for that. There are lots of wonderful things that I totally love about Winnipeg, but the unpredictable weather, it just isn't one of them. So, we're going to throw everything else to the side and fully live each moment of the glorious weather while we can!

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