Friday, June 13, 2008

Talkin' Turkey

Well at least thinking about turkey and dressing and all the Thanksgiving feast goodies!!! No, I haven't lost my mind (at least not today)...I'm just totally excited because I booked our flights back home to Georgia for Thanksgiving last night. I haven't been home for a holiday since I moved here. It works out great because American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving are not at the same we don't miss either one.

My family here have always been really good about helping me celebrate American Thanksgiving and 4th of July and all the American holidays that we don't celebrate in Canada. They know how important it is to hold on to that part of's who I am and I want my kids to know those things too. Even though they are dual citizens living in Canada, they ARE STILL American. The first two years I was here, Shayne was in school on Thursday nights and didn't get to celebrate with us, so my in-laws and I had a mini feast together. Last year, we did the whole shebang here at our house...exactly like we would have in Georgia when my grandparents were alive. It was great, everyone played along with me and it was lots of fun. Shayne's cousin Troy was actually pretty excited that he got turkey dinner a whole month before Christmas was funny!

But all I have to say is YAY!!!!! I get to go Black Friday shopping again! We do Boxing Day shopping here, but there is just waaaaayyyy more awesomeness to be had in the ATL...can't wait! I guess my mom and dad will be babysitting (they'll totally LOVE that).

Can't wait to see all my friends...I am so blessed that I have made some of the best friends ever here in Winnipeg, I totally love you all...but there is something to be said for lifelong friends...I miss them so much. And Maybel is beside herself to see Meghan and Parker, my best friend DeShea's kids, they are the best of friends too. Meghan is so funny, she calls Nalley her little sister in Canada. And I love how she says it...with the sweetest little southern die for! Maybel always comes home talking like me (and the rest of the south) because she is surrounded by it...and I get grief for months because my own accent is "refreshed" from being home. It's quite funny though, all my friends back home tell me I sound Canadian's so not true though, eh?! LOL!

Well, I'm returning to summer now, leaving behind the thoughts of turkey and sweet potatoes for another day. Off to start dinner and get ready for girl's night out with my good friend Daph...can't wait!!!

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Laura said...

So happy for you. I can't think of a better place to shop than Atlanta...Lenox Square!