Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Classic Beauty

I was playing around with some actions in Photoshop yesterday and really liked how this picture turned out with its' vintage feel. The picture is from Nalley's Luau...hence the lei around her neck, which by the way, she kept on all day long and never pulled at...I was super impressed.

I had fun playing around with this LO and using several of Laura's things along with other stuff from the May Songbird Avenue kit. I have soooo much scrapping to catch up with...I'm feeling a little behind.

In other goings on at the Murray house, Nalley has had a bad reaction to her 1 year needles. The chicken pox vaccine has left her with an ugly red spot where the injection was and a bad case of the whiney cranks. After battling her from 1 a.m. on to go to sleep for the past week, she finally had a great night's sleep and wasn't up at all last night. Praise the Lord!!!!!!! She's napping now and I really hope we're on our way to some reasonable happy medium. I do feel bad for her, I know she's not feeling well, but Mommy needs some sleep and a little peace without a clingy baby at my heels...just for a few minutes.

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