Friday, July 25, 2008

Where has the week gone?

My goodness...this week has gone so fast. I guess I can blame it on VBS, a trip to the ER, more projects than I can shake a stick at and general summer busyness. I thought that summer vacation was supposed to be carefree and relaxing...I guess that is for the kids.

Maybel was in VBS all week and had a total blast. The last two years we have sent her to day camp. That was great the first year, she had a blast and went for 2 weeks. Last year we signed her up for the max. (3 weeks) that each kid is allowed to go. They do something great everyday like go to the park and ride bikes, go to the water park, to the zoo, to the movies, etc...what kid wouldn't have a blast. We signed her up for 3 weeks so that she wouldn't feel left out with Nalley coming on the scene and she would have something that was totally her thing to look forward to. She cried EVERY morning before we left saying that she didn't want to go because she would miss us too much. WHAT????? You would rather be at home INSIDE with a screaming 2 week old??? Turns out, yes, she would because she was jealous that the new baby was getting more attention than her and getting to spend more time with us. It would have saved us all $110 bucks a week. So, she didn't want to go this year either, for the same reasons, that she would be jealous if Josh got to stay at home with her mom and Nalley got to stay at home with me...okay...whatever. She told us today that VBS (which cost us $15 and a bag of candy) was WAY more fun than day camp. Good to know.
Each day at day camp they made a craft and did a science experiment. Maybel had a great time doing these things and eagerly brought them home to show off. Tuesday they painted a canvas bag. We stopped off to get a coffee and before I even got a sip, she had spilled it all over her bag, Nalley's white sun hat and the blueberry muffin we bought to accompany our mid afternoon coffee. She was in TEARS because of her bag and her newly acquired "tattoos" that were inside. The next day she brought home a cup with some dirt and a seed in it to grow a plant at home. We were unloading the Costco loof and left Nalley in the floor to play while we came in and out. Her 1 year old curiosity got the best of her and she proceeded to spill the cup and eat the dirt. We walked in to find her with mud ALL over her face and in her mouth. NICE! This of course brought Maybel to tears again. Poor girl, nothing she has brought home has made it past dinner time, and she lost the "rain maker" they made...that's okay, she doesn't need any rain because there aren't any seeds to grow...

I made my very first article of clothing on Friday night. I've sewn quite a few home dec projects, etc...but NEVER any scares me. I found some instructions here for a pillow case dress. What could be easier, I thought, no fitting, just a little elastic and a few straight hems. Well, it was fairly simple, but I underestimated exactly HOW simple. It did turn out pretty cute, after I realized that I'd put the needle in the sewing maching BACKWARDS...duh! No, I don't sew a lot...what?, you're surprised? Here is Nalley modeling it. We were planning on taking some pictures of the girls wearing their matching dresses from the Luau because we just didn't get any that day. This is the ONLY picture I got of them before Nalley melted down from hunger, it was after all, lunch time...the girls' gotta eat! I'll be smarter next time. The rest of the weekend was busy so we didn't get another chance and Maybel goes back to her mom's tomorrow...there's always next week.

Whew...I feel like I've written a novel...that's what I get for being a bad blogger. I'll try to do better.

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Laura said...

adorable. love the fabrics. you have way too much crafty talent!