Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Silly Little Bathtub Babies

Here are some funny pictures I took of the girls having their bath tonight. I just can't tell you how much the two of them adore each other and bath time is especially fun for them.

There isn't much news here, just staying busy as usual. Nalley went to the babysitter's for the very first time today. I dropped her off at 8 and picked her back up at 12. 4 hours of flying around my house and getting everything I possibly could done. It was amazing to me how much I can actually get done in that amount of time while not worrying if you're going to be too loud and cut naptime short. Miss Mary lives 1 block from us and has a small in-home daycare, if you can even call it that right now. There was only 1 other little girl there today. She was 3 years old and loved playing with "the new baby". Miss Mary said that Nalley kept putting her arms out for little Samantha to pick her up. Of course, she is only 3 and couldn't pick her up, but how sweet is that. Overall, it went really well and I'm looking forward already to next Thursday when we do it again.

Tomorrow is our 3rd annual block party BBQ that I have organized every year. We've invited a few of our other friends that don't live on our street to add to the festivities. The more, the merrier, in my opinion. It should be lots of fun.

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Laura said...

Cute pictures. How nice that you found a babysitter. Four hours is more like 12 hours when you can focus and really get things done without interruptions.

I have 5 more days until school starts. Lots of mixed emotions...but overall - looking forward to some quiet.