Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Terrible Blogger

I have been completely slack in blogging lately. I don't know where the days go. It is 2:45 already today, Nalley is napping, I've put the groceries away from out scream-fest outing this morning and I realized I haven't showered yet today. So, instead of jumping in and rinsing off now, I decided to do the safer, less likely to wake Nalley up thing, and blog.

My Birthday was fun on Saturday. The family came here and Shayne cooked a truly FABULOUS meal. Beer can chicken (3 of them), a spicy shrimp with snow peas that my friend Daphne gave us the recipe for, garlic bread, corn on the cob, and a caesar salad. Wendy made a delicious raspberry vanilla cake. We were lucky enough to talk Diedre, Ray and Joshua into staying for dinner with us. Then, my friend Sandra and her family came over later to drop off a gift and stayed for a drink. Britt and Jason stayed for until just after midnight and a fun time was had, to be sure!

Yesterday was Daniel's (Shayne's brother) birthday...the big 1-7! Only one more year until he's legal! His friends showed up after dinner last night and busted up our family dinner...guess who's more important at this age!!!! It was all just fine though, they're all nice kids and we needed to go anyway, Nalley was getting fussy.

I so sick of all of the dinner that I cook lately. I got some good recipes from my friend (& Nalley's Godmother), Sheri yesterday while we were having coffee and I'm trying her Chicken Parm recipe for dinner tonight. If anyone has ANY quick and yummy recipes for dinner that you can pass my way, I'm all for it!

I got a new recipe a few weeks back from Lisa when I went over to her house to scrap. She had gotten it from Becky Higgins blog. It was for Corn & Avocado Salsa, you can find the recipe here. It was totally yummy and very addicting. I don't particularly like avocado or tomato or cilantro even, but when it's all together in this salsa, it's very good! Try it!

I hear my little one waking up, so I'll blog again soon...really, I will!

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