Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things just NEVER go as PLANNED!

For those that know me, you'll agree I am a planner. Sometimes (a lot of times) to the shagrin of my sweet husband. I like to have things on the calendar well in advance. I do occasionally like to be spontaneous, but only when it's my idea!

I am also VERY social and LOVE to get together with my girlfriends and play. It doesn't happen as often now that I have kids, but I still love it. I had made plans for TWO nights this week (which NEVER EVER happens). I was supposed to go out with a girlfriend on Tuesday night to celebrate our 33rd birthdays which are a month apart. Those plans got canceled and rescheduled for another night. It worked out just fine because Tuesday was also Daniel's birthday dinner, so we all went over for that.

Tonight I was supposed to go over to Christine's house for a Stampin' Up party that she has every year. Christine is UBER talented in the stamping and card making arena and I really was looking forward to going tonight. Until, that is, I got a call at 12:30 this afternoon and Shayne said that he was going to have to make an emergency trip down to North Dakota to personally deliver a computer that UPS has screwed up on for the last EIGHT days straight! It has been a huge ordeal and I totally agree that he needed to go down and make things right with this customer of his, but I am still disappointed, to say the least, that I am not stamping my heart out right now at Christine's.

Now, let me back up a little. I have SWORN that I will not get into stamping, and I won't. I have way too many projects of varying kinds on the go as it is...I just don't need to add stamping to that long list. I do however, totally LOVE the Stampin' Up papers, punches, etc...and I have a few already.

I am working on a super cute mini album of our little family. I am sealing it with mod podge tonight and it will have to dry and then I'll put it together and embellish it this weekend. I'll post some pictures when it's done.

In other Murray things...the Chicken Parm was DELISH...thanks Sheri. I'll post the recipe...or instructions as most things are with me. I'm SOOO not a recipe follower, I just don't cook that way. Or at least, I modify most every recipe to suit my taste, etc...and then just remember how to do it. If it has to be exact in the kitchen (other than baking, that is), I just won't make it.

Now, everyone leave some comments or suggestions or ideas or even EASY recipes ...I need some more inspiration and my family needs some healthy meals....

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