Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apples Make Me Homesick...

It has long been a fall family tradition to drive up into the North Georgia mountains to the Panorama Apple Barn to bring home some of the finest apples in the world. Our all time favorite variety is the Winesap apple. It is crisp and sweet with a slightly tart edge to it. Perfect for eating, making applesauce or baking. I have missed this tradition every year since I have been in Canada. Although we get to go home fairly regularly, it just never seems to fall at the right time for apple season. School has just started, everyone is getting back into their routines and it's just not a good time to go I always miss it.

My parents called me last Saturday to tell me that they'd made the pilgramage to go and bring home some of my favorite coveted apples. They said they'd thought of me and talked about how much I would love to be going with them...oh how they were right. How funny, as I'm sitting here writing about this tradition, I am almost in tears, sad that I don't get to participate in that tradition any more. Sad that one day (hopefully years from now) my parents will be gone too, and the tradition will be gone as well. Sad that I'm not able to roll up my sleeves in my Grammy's kitchen anymore and bake something yummy from our treasured apples.

I'm writing this post today, because I spent all morning making homemade applesauce from some apples that my sweet neighbor and friend, Lizzie Lou, brought me over yesterday. She came to get a one-on-one digi scrapping lesson and brought me two grocery bags of apples from her brother's tree. How sweet was that! As I made applesauce with my Grammy's old food mill, I thought of how much I have missed her and my PawPaw in the 8 years since they've been gone. (I will write another post on them later) I am so thankful that my mom gave me her old food mill...just being so far from home, that one little thing makes me feel closer.

Tomorrow I will bake some of my famous apple muffins. I have created this recipe from trial and no longer even resembles the original recipe, other than that they both had apples in them. I am proud of this recipe, and love making these muffins for my family, they beg for them and gobble them makes me feel so good to see them enjoying some homemade love. I feel domestically competent again...just every now and then.

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Laura said...

What a sweet post. I am so sorry you can't go apple picking :( Sounds like such a great tradition.

I grew up with with apples at the center of some wonderful traditions. I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin -- when I started 1st grade, my Mom went back to work -- at a gorgeous apple orchard. Macintosh were my favorites -- still are. Every year we would make homemade carmel apples to give out on halloween. No candy from our house -- fresh carmel apples all wrapped up. My mom could have been Martha Stewart. She also made TONS of applesauce.

Did I mention that when I was in the 3rd grade my mom gave me t-shirt from the orchard -- I wore it had two apples on it (one on each booby) with a worm in the middle (liking it's lips and holding a fork) and it said BITE MY APPLES! Can you believe that? All I can say ... it was the 70s!