Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feeling a Little More Southern

I may very well be the only woman in my [southern] family that doesn't can, or at least know how to. I mean canning, or preserving foods, jams, jellies, the like. When I think about it, it is totally a southern thing to do...just like eating biscuits and grits. But I have ALWAYS been scared of it. I can cook a mean meal (when I want to...) and bake some pretty yummy stuff too, but I can't can. Until now, that is...

Yes folks, I made homemade applesauce on Thursday morning, and then I canned it yesterday with the help from my good friend (and Nalley's godmother) Sheri. Can you believe that a good ole' Canadian taught me how to can applesauce?!? Now, I'm totally not taking anything away from Sheri, or any other Canadian, but don't you think it's a little funny that a *Yankee* (I laugh because some rednecks from back home call Shayne a Yankee...they think anyone from above the Mason-Dixon line is a Yankee...cracks me up) taught me how to can food? I know Sheri is just patting herself on the back today, relishing in the fact that she's responsible for my yummy applesauce being all happy and content in their new glass homes. It "ain't" pretty folks, but it's good stuff. And now I don't have to take up all the freezer space for it either...sweet! Here it is y' up apple butter!


Laura said...

I was born in NC - so I am technically a Tarheeel. But I have never canned -- only watched.
So I have to ask -- did you put any red-hot candies in some of those bottles? You do know that is how you make (pink) cinnamon applesauce.

Magnolia Designs said...

I didn't put anything in it other than the apples...i just didn't peel them before I cooked them and then I ran them through a food mill and all that lovely color came out! I didn't even know about cinnamon applesauce...sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

The applesauce looks great!I want to learn how to can other stuff than just the peach jam we made.