Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Gift from Laura

I love getting mail, both the paper kind (that isn't a bill) and the e- kind. Today I got a package which trumps them both. And inside was this adorable little key chain strap from Laura. How great is it to get something from a friend for no reason other than that they were thinking of you?!? THANK YOU so much Laura!!!!! I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I went straight down to my computer, looked at the etsy shop where they came from, and ordered some as gifts too. {Note: To my friends, don't be surprised if you get one for Christmas...} You can check them out at Sew Much Detail here.
I can't believe that it has been over a week since my last post. I feel so incredibly busy, it's not even funny. I have so much pottery to paint and get done before we leave for Georgia, I can hardly see straight. My girlfriend Sheri is going to come and help me do the background painting (the background color, not the artwork or lettering) just so that I can get it all finished. This is the first year that I have not sent out any sort of reminder or e-mail in regards to Christmas orders, and it has by far been the busiest. It is a mixed blessing, seeing as how our house is torn to shambles while building this room for Maybel in the basement. I would post pictures of the progress, but I can't even find my camera right now. All that Shayne has left to do is the baseboards, door, and closet organizer stuff and it will be move in ready. Thank the Lord!

I am also working on getting all of the kits together for the upcoming Advent Calendar class on November the 8th. There has been a very good showing for registration (both for that actual class as well as for the kit for all of those people that can't make it) so if you're interested, you must be registered no later than November 1st. There will be door prizes, food, and lots of fun in addition to the super cute calendar.

Last but certainly not least...Sandra and I had a TOTAL BLAST on our girls' weekend away last week. Her husband was sick the whole weekend while caring for their 3 adorable little ones. We felt bad for him, but not bad enough to stay at home. I have to say, my sweet husband wins the all time best Daddy award!!! Not only did he keep both the girls all weekend without one complaint, he was really excited for me to get away. He was left in charge of picking out a birthday gift for our good friend Daphne's daughter's 5th birthday party as well as taking the girls to the party by himself. They are good friends of ours, so it wasn't a big deal to him, but still, major kudos. None of my friends could believe it! He also wrapped the gift and called me to see if I had made a card for Bailey...just to make sure...I was blown away! Too thoughtful, that Shayne is...

We may or may not have gone over our duty free limit...I'm not sayin'...but we did have a rockin' good time. Isn't that right, Missy P? Well, I'm at least a little caught up on the blog, now if I could just catch up in real life...wishful thinking!


SewMuchDetail said...

I love your blog sew much!! Thank you for putting your fob on here that was sew wonderful!! Thank you sew much for your order too.....Have a wonderful trip to our Sunny South!

Katie Jones said...

I've seen several of those key chain straps around here. I've seen lots of people use them while walking around our neighborhood. It is so cute! I'll have to order one.

Laura said...

whew. i was tired after reading your post. i too have been too busy to see straight -- and today is no different. i have a doctor's appointment and 3 teacher conferences and a football banquet. i hate these days.

so glad you liked the key fob. :)

can't wait to see pictures of the new room.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to receive an adorable cupcake key fob from Miss Laura. I love it too!