Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Girl's Crack

My friend Lizzie Lou makes me laugh! We were just talking about how the whole scrapbooking/cardmaking/crafting stuff is like crack to us good girls... We don't spend our money on drugs or bars, but we're SERIOUSLY ADDICTED to scrapping! I am teaching an Altered Tin Class tomorrow night which I guess in essence makes me the dealer, right? I mean, I'm the enabler, the one who's instructing others on how to use these products and making them want more...I know, I'm bad.

I have some super cute pictures to post of the girls at the corn maze on Sunday, I just haven't had time to take them out of the camera yet. We all had such a fun time, although it was a tad bit chilly. Last year we were blazing hot and this year, a little cooler. Nalley was so cute this year, wanting to walk around and explore everything. I think we've found a new fall tradition, always fun at the corn maze.

Well, I better get back to my last minute details for tomorrow...

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