Monday, October 13, 2008

So Thankful

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. I did this layout to commemorate my very first Thanksgiving here back in 2004. I am thankful for the new traditions that I get to take part in each year, like the Waldos coming in from Moose Jaw. They are friends of the family, but in reality, they are family. They are wonderful people and each time we see them we always have a blast. I am thankful that Shayne's family has allowed me to bring some of my own Thanksgiving traditions, like sweet potato casserole...and we all know that Brauk is thankful for that too. I am thankful for ALL of the good food that we eat and all of the times around the table just being together. Family is so important, and we are blessed!

I am thankful that I will be home in Georgia celebrating American Thanksgiving soon too. It will be the first time since I moved that I will be home for a holiday. We are all so excited.


Mom On A Mission said...

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in GA, too! I'm so excited to have some turkey!

You are so talented and creative. Give me some, please!

Love ya!

Laura said...

Love this layout. Great photos.
So happy that you will have your family around you on fun.
We have NO plans so far. It may just be the 5 of us. Dysfunctional families are no fun come holiday time. lol.