Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feeling Proud and Hopeful

I was sick over the fact that I was 2 days late to get in my registration to vote on an absentee ballot for this election. Sick over the fact that my vote does count, but wouldn't be in this crucial election. But I am feeling better now, knowing that millions of others shared my opinion and belief that American needed some MAJOR change...I am hopeful that it will come in Obama.

I am proud to see that Americans can look beyond color at last. Being raised in the sometimes racially charged South, I have witnessed the ugly, naked truth that racism still exists. I have seen the Ku Klux Klan hold rallys on the steps of the courthouse in my hometown...it
is still alive.
However, a change was needed and democracy abounds. I have always been a registered Republican voter. My religious and moral views on politics have mostly always aligned with the Republican platform. I voted for Bush, twice. I have regretted that decision over and over again, wishing that for America's sake, we could all have a "do-over". But to this day, I question if Kerry would have done a better job...he had no platform at all.
Today is a new day. A day of renewed hope for the failing economy(ies). Hope for change in education and healthcare. Hope for all that black Americans have fought so hard for. Hope that the world might again see America as a generous, strong, yet fair country. Hope that our faith in our leaders will not be in vain.
I pray that Obama will bring the change that is so desperately needed...change that we can believe in...

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Laura said...

Well put.