Monday, November 3, 2008

Kid's Photo Shoot

I orginally saw these pettiskirts a while ago on Michelle Coleman's blog. I fell in love with them and knew that I had to have them for my girls. They are adorable! They reminded me so much of my grandmother's square dancing petticoats that I used to hike up around my armpits and play in like they were my fancy dresses. There are lots of pictures of me like that, all of which are at my parent's house 1500 miles away...or I would post one! (I'll make sure to find some while we're home for Thanksgiving). What I also loved about these skirts is that you don't see them everyday on every kid!

We have been meaning to get the kids' pictures taken in these skirts with Joshua in his little suit for a few months. Jocelyne was "busier than a bucket of fish" (to quote our friend Ian) before she had her baby in September, then she welcomed Kendalyn to the family, so we were hard pressed to find the time. Finally, the weather and all of our schedules cooperated and we traveled down to the Basillica ruins to have our photo shoot. The weather was perfect, the kids were good and we got some adorable shots. I think my favorite funny one has got to be the one where Joshy looks like he's copping a feel...look at his expression too...priceless!


Anonymous said...

The kids look adorable, especially the girls in those ruffle skirts!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures of the girls and Josh are adorable.

Love Mom

Laura said...

OMG! What great photos. Those skirts are gorgeous. I must get one for my Grace. It looks like you all had fun - no pictures of tears. That's always a plus.

Katie Jones said...

Those pictures look great! I love the pettiskirts.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea!! The kiddies look like little dolls, so adorable. It looks like u had perfect weather too

love Lea & Kenny