Monday, November 17, 2008

So Very Excited...

about our upcoming trip back home (well, my home) to Georgia. The kids are very excited too, Maybel has always counted down the sleeps till any big my dad e-mailed the girls today telling them that Papa has been counting and it's only 5 more sleeps till Georgia! Isn't that great?!?

Nalley is very funny...always running around pointing out pictures of "Nana" and "Papa"...and saying their names over and over again in her cute little voice. It always makes me smile and I know my parents are just going to melt when they see and hear it in person. Speaking of her cute little voice, I have been teaching her all of the animals and what sounds they first they all said "mooooo", but now they all say their own thing...lions "roar", but in the sweetest, softest little teeny cracks me up. My other favorite is what pigs say..."onk"...just like honk, without the "h". I could listen to that a million times a day.
I am excited for the break from my "real" life...glad to have some help with the's a treat for me and my parents. Glad to see all of my friends and really looking forward to going to see a University of Georgia game with Shayne, Jeff & Kellee! Go DAWGS!!!!

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Mom On A Mission said...

Yes!!! We are on for the 1st! I can't wait. Email me the phone # of where you will be when you get here. Love ya!