Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally a Christmas Post

Well...what can I say for my lack of posting and general absence other than...I'm PREGNANT...

I have been so sick (and tired) for so long now, I am sick and tired of it!!!! LOL! I worked on getting all of my pottery orders done right up until Christmas, I really hardly had any time to just enjoy the Christmas season. Thankfully for me, my dear sweet husband did most all of the Christmas shopping for me...otherwise, no one would have had any gifts from us. Best of all, he did it all so sweetly and never complained. I think he actually enjoyed least buying all of the girls' stuff, it made him feel like the hero!

We got both of the girls University of Georgia cheerleading outfits and my parent's gave them both cabbage patch kids...they loved them.

Nalley's first gift that she opened was from Bop (Shayne's aunt Marlene...we're not sure where Nalley came up with the name Bop, but it stuck). That turned out to be a mistake, because Marlene gave her this Upsy Daisy doll (which she calls "daisy") from In the Night Garden and she didn't want to open anything else. She carried it around begging everyone to squeeze her tummy and make her talk. Nalley is ALL ABOUT In the Night Garden, she has to watch it every night before she goes to bed, we don't get it, but she LOVES it!!!

Shayne and I had decided a while ago that we would get Maybel her own iPod, since she has been so consumed with both of ours for months now. Her favorite color right now is blue, so that was our choice. About a week after we had decided this, she came home from school telling us that one of her friends was getting a Shuffle for Christmas and that was what she wanted too...a blue one. So, we were as pleased as punch to hear that we had made a good decision. We wrapped it and put it under the tree about a week before Christmas and she just couldn't figure out what that one was...we were laughing just watching her agonize over it. She was thrilled when she opened it on Christmas morning, and so were we.

Nalley got a new table and chair set from Santa, somewhere for her to play playdough and color, things she is really into right now. She has also started wanting to sit there to eat her snacks and stuff, it is really cute. It is funny to see her climb into and out of these little chairs, she is so proud of herself.

Shayne has been off since noon on Christmas eve, and goes back to work on the 5th. We have really enjoyed having him home and we will probably all cry when he goes back. Having felt so bad lately, it has been great to have him home to help with the girls and house work. He has pitched right in and been wonderful. We had Christmas dinner at our house for the first time ever (both Shayne's and my first attempt at at did not explode like the one in Christmas was actually wonderful) this year. We also had a couple of other holiday dinners at our house and we pulled them off largely due to my hubby's work and cooperation. So...THANK YOU SHAYNE!!!
We took Nalley in for her 18 month check-up fun getting needles. She did surprising well for getting her needles, just a few tears, then the doctor gave her a sucker and a candy cane, the tears were history. She has only had one other sucker in her life...recently when we were coming home from GA by ourselves, she found it in my purse on accident and would not stop crying until I gave in to her. She loved it, but didn't finish it. Same thing yesterday...she was in heaven when she got it, took a few licks but didn't really protest when I took it away.
Not to seem like we are bragging parent's...but I'm going to brag a minute... When we took her in for her check-up yesterday, we were thrilled to hear that Nalley is not only meeting her developmental milestones, but is exceeding most all of them. Something that a parent (especially a first time parent like me) always worries about. For 18 months, normal development shows that a toddler should know 10-20 words and possible be able to string 2 words together, we estimated that Nalley could say about 50 words and our doctor was very pleased...telling us that she is just too smart! I hadn' t taken the time to sit down and count her words since she was 14 months old and I did the tree scrapbook page for sat down and counted her words when we got home and were shocked to realize that knows and says about 93 words and can string together 3 word phrases like "rock the baby" and "wash the baby". Pround Mama moment...
She is also doing all the other normal 18 month things...running, climbing, dancing (like crazy), pointing to things when asked, asking for things, following commands, climbing stairs, eating with a fork and spoon, and drinking only from a fact, she's never ever wanted a bottle. She started drinking from a sippy cup at 5 month old, and only ever took a bottle about 5 times in her life. She went straight from nursing to whole milk in a sippy cup...and never looked back. She can say all of the animal sounds, point to all of her body parts and say them, she sleeps through the night and puts herself to sleep. Needless to say, we are enjoying her so much. She is a total joy and we can't wait for her to be a big sister!!!

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Katie Jones said...

Congrats to Nalley for being so advanced! Smart girl! We need to see a picture of her in the UGA cheerleader's uniform!