Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Day

I watched the inauguration ceremony in real time today...and DVR'd it so that I could watch it again...I'm sure I will. I turned on the tv just as Pastor Rick Warren was giving the invocation and I thought it was so eloquent and touching. I watched almost in amazement, not really believing that this day was really happening.

I have so many friends who do not share my enthusiasm about Barak Obama. I grew up in a very small town in Northwest Georgia...probably 99 percent are Republican. I am also a registered Republican voter. But my views on politics have changed slightly since living in another country...one separated by a small border, but some very vast differences. I had visited Canada many times before moving here 4 years ago, and expected that there wouldn't be all that many differences in the life and culture...but oh, was I wrong. Growing up in the south, I now know, is an upbringing like no other...we share a very strong heritage, one that I am very proud of. We share a love for social graces, for all things courteous and genteel, a love for family, a slower way of life, and in many lives, a love for our churches and our God. For many years, my political views were guided almost solely on my religious and moral beliefs. Since living here in Canada, away from the "norm" of Republican/Christian/Southern views, I have come to see America and politics in general in a new light.

I no longer think that it is necessary to agree with a candidate's every view on every topic. I no longer think that it is necessary to vote solely based on the typical Republican stance on abortion, ect... I think it is more important that everyone vote for a candidate, regardless of party orientation, based on the ability to lead and defend our country...based on the greater good of ALL citizens. Don't get me wrong, I have not watered down my own beliefs, I do not agree with many of the views of the Democratic party. I also do not agree with some who have ignorantly bashed Obama, saying they are terrified of his Presidency, based on the color of his skin, his middle name, or any other unfounded party bias that keeps their minds closed. If the U.S. is to move beyond this economic crisis and into a time of peace with other nations, we must give this new President our confidence, our prayers and our committment to our personal service, whatever that may be.

I believe that Obama is an extremely intelligent, incredibly strong, yet humble man who will lead America with courage and determination to steer this country back to a stable future. I was filled with emotion as I sat today, in the quiet moments of Nalley's nap...listening to a brave black man pump hope back into a weakened nation.

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