Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing like a Christmas Card in the New Year

I was a very good girl this year...I did my Christmas Card early. I had it printed out before we went to Georgia, took it with me and mailed all of the ones that were going to the States while we were there. They were to their destination in early December. I even addressed most of the ones going to Canada while I was there and stuffed them, etc...I needed something to keep me busy. THEN, once we got home, I was SWAMPED with pottery, feeling miserable, and so very exhausted. I hardly left the house for 2 weeks trying to get all my work done. So, there they sat in a cute little pile, waiting to be mailed because they had no stamps. I think I mailed the Canadian cards the week before Christmas, no telling when they got to where they were going...isn't that nice???

For those who didn't get a card this is our 2008 Christmas Card...posted to you via the internet in January 2009, classic...

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Laura said...


I got half way through my list and ran out of cards and stamps....

so I just gave up.

Next Christmas I am going back to digital and I vow to get them out early. We'll see how that goes.

That picture is perfect! Can you imagine having another in that photo next year?