Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching Up

But first, let me show you a fabulous Giveaway that Elizabeth (a fellow Canadian) is doing over at her blog, Pigtails and Snails. She is so talented and so incredibly nice too. Head on over to her blog for your chance to win this beautiful quilt!
Now to the catching up part...
So many things have been going on in our lives lately keeping us busy and me from doing some of the crafty things that I totally thrive on. I haven't been able to sew much at all lately, due to the lack of time factor, but also because I've been having some issues with my machine. Before this machine, I had a Singer that I had nothing but problems with. I wanted a Bernina, but just couldn't justify the expense to usage ratio at that time (I was not sewing nearly as much then). So one day, Shayne saw a computerized machine in Costco for around $300 that did almost everything that I wanted my Bernina to do, so I settled and said fine. It is a Euro Pro 9130C, and sewed fine for me for many projects, although it is a little tempermental. Recently it has started having tension issues galore, I have been trying for 6 months to get a ruffler foot attachment to work to no avail. So several of my projects have been postponed. I want my Bernina!!!
I have gotten all of the blocks finished for Baby Lawson's quilt, now I have to figure out if I want to use a sashing and if so, what color. I also have another Heather Bailey Fresh Cut quilt WIP (work in progress) that really needs to be finished. I haven't even cut into the HB Pop Garden/Bijoux fabrics for our king size bed quilt, or the Moda Soiree fabric for Maybel's quilt. I am also now in the planning stages for Nalley's 2nd birthday party on June 28th...yes, I know, it sounds waaaay too early for that, but do remember, I am pregnant, miserable and completely forgetful these days, so no, it is not too early for me!
We get possesion of our new house next Friday and must be out of our house for the new buyers on the 31st. There is lots to be done, but so much of it is last minute stuff, so I feel kind of like I'm sitting on my hands for a lot of it. And so much that does need to be done now, I'm not allowed to do for the state of my pregnancy...early contractions and cramps and I have been told to do as little as possible....no heavy lifting, no standing of my feet for long periods of time, etc...quite limiting to someone who is moving!
I also got my FABULOUS scrap fabric winnings in the mail from Amber at the end of last week. They are beautiful! It really opens my eyes to what is out there and also to what other people
work with. I can't wait to do something scrappy with them...but I'm afraid it's going to be a while...too much else on my plate at the moment to even think about starting another project.
Shayne and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on May 7th. We actually have 2 anniversaries...Jan 25th and May 7th. Just after I moved here, we had a JP ceremony at his parent's house so that we could a) make it official in the eyes of God, etc... and b) start the immigration process...it was long and arduous. Then we had a real church ceremony and reception when my parents could come and it was warmer outside...hence our two anniversaries. We celebrate both, usually we just go out to dinner with the kids in January, and then we do something more special for our "real" one. This year we took a weekend trip down to Fargo, ND to do a little shopping. We had Nalley with us, so we stayed in a hotel that had some water slides that she could enjoy. She had a total blast with her daddy...and she is still talking about them...daily! I will post some recent pictures as soon as I can get a moment to get them out of my camera and edited a bit.
Just a quick mention of some dear friends who are going through some really rough moments... First, one of my best friends from HS (who I haven't kept in contact with recently), Kelly's father recently picked up 2 hitchhikers out of the kindness of his heart. They stabbed him twice and shot him in the stomach. They dumped him in the woods and left him to die. He layed there for about 5 hours until he could get the strength to make it to the highway to flag down a passing motorist. He was taken to the hospital and put into ICU, but has since made drastic improvements. There is still a long road of recovery for such injuries, but he's doing well.
Secondly, another friend from university, Valarie's father-in-law fell from a tree while trimming the top off, and was killed instantly. He was very young and healthy and actively involved with his church, his community and his family. They are having a very hard time dealing with this sudden loss. Please pray for them both if it crosses your mind.