Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Nasty Goose Egg

I think my heart stopped for longer than is physically safe yesterday when Nalley's cute little noggin' smashed into the glass shelf of our TV stand. She was kneeling on her {huge} fluffy stuffed puppy in front of the TV while watching one of her favorite afternoon shows...Yo Gabba that is one weird show!

She was dancing and rocking side to side to the music when one of her knees slipped off of "Ruffie Puppy" which caused her to lose her balance and abruptly go crashing into the glass shelf. I swear the sound of her head hitting that glass is forever etched into my was HORRIBLE! She immediately let out a blood curdling scream and literally in the 2 seconds it took me to get to her, this massive bump appeared with a large blue/black bruise where her head made contact. I seriously panicked, not knowing what to do really. I was thinking that she would have some sort of concussion or something. So, I called Shayne and told him to get home fast...he's only 7 minutes away. He agreed we should probably take her in to be seen right away. Luckily, he remembered to call our sweet, sweet neighbor who just happened to graduate from medical school yesterday! She came right over with her kit to check out the nasty noggin' knot...Nalley was her very first patient post-graduation! Dr. Jaimie has the sweetest personality and will be the best doctor I could ever think of having. She made Nalley laugh by telling her that she had seen rabbits in her ears...too cute!

So, once the initial scare was over and we learned that albeit a badly bruised little melon...there was no serious damage. For added precaution though, we were told to wake Nalley up through out the night to make sure she would become coherent. She is now back to her happy little self, running and playing and yes, bonking her already bruised coconut on the toy chest, etc...AND running around asking "what does Jaimie say?" and then answering herself by saying, "there's rabbits in your ear"...good for a few chuckles from Mommy and Daddy!

PS...I'm sure most of you have noticed the new look to my blog...that can be credited to my creative side that quickly tires of the same old would have happened sooner, but I just haven't felt up to par lately!

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Not Hannah said...

Hey, Kathy! Great blog...I love the Crafty McCraftersons of the world. It's nice to see this side of you. I'll be back often!