Friday, June 5, 2009

Accident Prone Already

I was standing in the back yard talking to Nalley's babysitter, Laura, on Wednesday when I went to pick her up. We were chatting while Nalley continued to play, as she is never ready to leave Laura's house. Suddenly I heard her screaming wildly and looked up to see that she had fallen in the rocks next to the house and her mouth had hit squarely on the corner of an electical meter box. I ran to pick her up and survey the damage when I saw a good bit of blood in her mouth. Now...let me clarify...I don't do well with blood of any kind, and I certainly don't do well with blood coming from the mouth of my sweet baby girl. I handed her to Laura and asked if she could make something of the damage. It was probably a good thing for Nalley and I both...I would have been panicky and she would have been screaming. Instead, she calmed down quickly with Laura's gentle voice and allowed Laura to open her mouth and see the cut.

It appears that one of her teeth just shredded the inside of her lip, but there doesn't seem to be any tooth damage or anything else. She just has a rather unsightly purple bruise and a small cut on the outside of her mouth. She has been a good sport though. She asked for another freezie when we got home that day (Laura had given her one to calm her down) and then had a bit of trouble eating that first night, but overall hasn't really given it a second though...except for when Shayne and I have said "poor baby, that must have hurt". Then she says her owie hurts...otherwise, nothing. So glad she's okay, but I must say, I hope the summer doesn't continue this way with a pretty decent accident happening 2 times in 2 weeks...

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