Monday, June 1, 2009

In But NOT Settled

We have moved into our new house and as of yesterday at 6 a.m. we no longer own the other one. It has been a LONG couple of months to get to this place and although it feels good to only own one house, I can't see an end in sight. Our new place was FILTHY and gross when we took possession. I cannot understand how anyone could, in good conscience, leave their house in the kind of shape we found ours in. They obviously had not cleaned it since they showed it in mid March. We knew when we purchased it that it would need some updating and some good ole' sweat equity to make it our own and what we had imagined it to be. We don't regret that descision at all...however there were a few surprises for us!

Firstly, the electrical wiring is a mess and needs to be dealt with immediately...I got zing-ed twice in one day at two different light switches. Our kitchen light fixture was literally sparking out the top, popped a bulb and when Shayne took the fixture down to look into it, the wires had burned the connection in two and the ceiling was scorched and the insulation was melted and black. TALK ABOUT SCARY...I am afraid that would have eventually burned our house down!

Apart from that, Shayne spent the first three days after we got possession stripping wall paper and scrubbing the walls. He has worked like a MANIAC to get stuff done, painting, changing light fixtures, packing, and get this...helping the PAID movers to move us. They should have had a 3 man team to do our job, but only showed up with 2 men and were half an hour late, at that. Shayne is dog tired and just keeps going...I know he's not the energizer bunny, as he's dragging butt at some times, but he does just keep going, pushing through the pain and exhaustion. Talk about committed and loving his family...we are SOOO Blessed! Love you lots honey!

I have lots of pics to upload and edit, it is taking shape slowly...but there will be some dramatic before and after pics. I just really don't have the energy or the time to slow down and do that right now. Hope you'll all understand. I am feeling "nest-y" and pressed for time to get all this done and get settled before our little bambino (who is btw, making me crazy at how active he is) makes his debut appearance!

But before I wrap this up I must say a HUGE thank you to several people who have helped us out in this, our time of need, while I am so helpless to do much! In no particular order...a big shout out to Sandra, Sheri, Lisa, Kris, Jason, Brent, Wendy, Tracey and Ian, and Tim! We REALLY couldn't have done it without you really feel loved when your friends come out and pitch in to help you do the most unpleasant dirty work of packing and moving...especially at our age with all the stuff we have...we're too old for that! Thanks again're the BEST!

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lauraping said...

So sorry for the bumps in the road. Thank God for Shayne...I can't imagine all that work. Hope you are taking it easy.

Looking forward to the before and afters!