Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lessons in Life

Growing up, my parents both seemed to "torture" us with their broken-record repeats of important things to know that they would call "Lessons in Life". They would bring them up while {stuck} riding in the car with them, or nightly at dinner time when we sat down together and ALL ATE a home-cooked meal together. Looking back now, those times were invaluable parental teaching opportunities. As much as I would roll my eyes and wish they would quit it already, I really did learn some important values and morals during those times... things that I take with me to this day.

One of said "Lessons in Life" had to do with responding to how others treat you. My parents both believe in sticking up for one's self and not being pushed around, however they are also all about respect, living with grace and dignity, and know that exacting "revenge" is never the way to go. So the old cliche "what goes around, comes around" was used quite frequently in their "LIL".

In turn, since becoming a parent to Maybel, almost 5 years ago now, I too have used this old addage to help her deal with the "meanies" of the world who want to cause harm. It is far more difficult as a parent to sit back and take your own advice when people are unkind to your children. Wouldn't you parents agree?

At any rate, it is always so satisfying to me (maybe it shouldn't be QUITE so enjoyable) to see first hand the "come around" part fall in to place...and it is even sweeter to know that I have taken the higher road to follow an old "Lesson in Life".

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