Monday, July 13, 2009

Hybrid Welcome Banner

I am prepared for our little man to come home now (if he would ever decide to make his appearance). I had made this hybrid banner using the Barefoot collection from the Shabby Princess and finished putting it together this weekend. I had a really hard time deciding where to hang it though. I wanted to put it in the front entry way for everyone to see when little Lawson has visitors...problem being, I needed to take some pictures of it to post on the SP website for the Creative Team and the front room and entry have not been painted yet...what's a girl to do. So, I hung it (with the help of my fab hubby) in little Lawson's room above his crib. It doesn't match his bedding or decor at all, but it does coordinate with the birth announcements that I designed for him. I will in all likelyhood make him another banner of sorts to keep in his room more permanently...I just really like it!


lauraping said...

Kathy - I see you have discovered my latest obsession. I LOVE BANNERS! I am not proud to admit I actually buy and use actual scrapbook products from an actual scrapbook store. Don't tell.

I love the banner - perfect! I don't know where you are getting the energy.

When do we get to see the nursery? Pics of the house? Huh?

Dianne said...

Kathy - I was wondering if you were able to get the template for the banner by Jess Gordon. You made a request for it on July 6th? By the way congratulations on your new baby!