Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lawson's Birth Announcement

Lawson was able to come home on Tuesday afternoon...and we have been so busy since then, holding him and cuddling him and giving some much needed attention to Nalley, that I haven't had a chance to update my blog. He is doing well, slowing getting the hang of feeding and sloooowly gaining a little weight. His breathing is getting better but I am still neurotic and find myself freaking out when it gets too fast...I am severely sleep deprived and completely unorganized. I forgot how much time and energy a newborn takes.

We went out for a "test run" to the outside world yesterday while I still had the help of Shayne, who will be going back to work on Monday. We tried at our first stop to go in the store without the double stroller..a.k.a. "The Bus", it was a gong show to say the least. Nalley was pulling feminine hygiene products off of the shelves and carrying them around with her. I was all hands with Lawson in the bucket seat, trying to wrangle Nalley back and do some shopping while balancing my purse on my shoulder. I didn't want any help from Shayne so that I could see what it would be like...let's just say I won't be doing that again!!!

Next, we used "The Bus" and it went much more smoothly, although I think I need a special class driver's license to operate that thing. At least I didn't feel like I was herding cats and both children were contained. I am so lucky and so thankful to have such a wonderful husband to do any and everything I ask, even when I change my mind 2 or 3 times as to what needs to be done first. Thank you Shayne for being the greatest strength and support during the absolute best and worst week of my life!!!

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Christina said...

This is beautiful - and I know i'm late (catching up on blogs) but i'm so happy that he's doing SO well. In some respects I understand how it feels, the two times we've had to rush my little guy to the hospital were the worst moments of my life - it's so awful to have someone so small be in a situation like that. So i'm glad he's home.

I am making some digital cards for some of the friends I take portraits for and am making up some for the holidays, and i've been thinking about looking into the digital scrapbook papers for some of my backgrounds - but I have NO idea where to start for that. I kind of Google "digital scrapbooking" a little but feel lost. Can you give me some good sites to go to and any info you think might be helpful?