Friday, July 10, 2009

Nalley's Woodland Birthday Party

For Nalley's 2nd birthday, I decided to do a Woodland theme. I had never seen this done as a birthday party, but after falling in love with the Pottery Barn owl bedding that I bought for her new room as well as seeing all of the cute stamps and scrapbooking owl/deer/tree/mushroom stuff that is out right now...I just had to do it!

I said last year after her pig roast/Luau party was over that we weren't doing anything that big again, this year it was going to be hot dogs and cake...well, that just didn't happen! Although I haven't felt great during this pregnancy, it is her birthday after all, and she won't be 2 it turned out to be 44 people with a bouncy slide, lots of food, and the kids made a container terrarium as part of their party favors.

For the cupcakes, I made my traditional yummy cupcake recipe with white liners and turned the tops into red mushrooms with white (yogurt covered raisins...thanks Sandra) spots. They really did turn out cute. I didn't get an artistic shot of the cupcakes by themselves, but you can see it in the picture where Nalley is blowing out the candles.

I had every intention of making Nalley a cute little dress that was red/white polka dots with brown trim, but there was just too much to do after moving in to our new house and trying to get ready for baby too. I also didn't get to make my famous iced sugar cookies that I make for every birthday for the kids...I was so bummed about that...I had even special ordered some mushroom, owl, and squirrel cookie cutters for the party. So instead, we did PB&J sandwiches cut them into shapes with the cutters.

I did a little funky photo editing and really like the way the pics turned out in a retro kind of look...

Next year, we really are doing hot dogs and cake on a weekday with 5 friends...I'll have another HUGE 1st birthday as well as a 10th birthday to plan all within the same we'll be going small.


lauraping said...

Cutest birthday idea ever! EVER! You should submit it to a magazine - maybe Family Fun?

I love the photos - are you using Pioneer Woman's latest set of actions? I love them.

Great cupcakes...and the sandwiches? ADORABLE!

You are too good mama!

Amy said...

I realize this post is a year old, but I could hardly believe it when I googled "woodland birthday" and stumbled across your site. I too am planning a woodland themed party for my son's second birthday, for which I intended to send invitations reading "Look whooo's turning two!" Eerily similar, no? Thanks for the great ideas - it looks like it turned out beautifully!

Beth said...

I, too, just saw this post, and am doing a woodland themed birthday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your invitation! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Did you create it yourself, or order it from somewhere? If you made it, would you consider selling the digital file?

dvness said...

lovely cupcakes! i'm throwing a gnome-themed birthday party and might borrow the idea for the mushroom cupcakes :)

Haven said...

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