Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Happy to Have You Home

This is the Layout I did for my first official Shabby Princess Pre-Release. The new kit is called Giggle Box and the colors and feel were a perfect fit to celebrate our sweet Lawson coming home.

He continues to get stronger and as of our doctor's appointment yesterday, he had almost regained his birth weight.

There is a TON of journaling on this page to tell his story, if you are interested, keep reading!!!

"You were born on July 16, 2009 at 37 weeks. After the nurses gave you a bath, you were a bit cold, so they took you to put you under the warmers for a little while. When you came back to us, all bundled up for a snuggle, we noticed that you were making “kitty cat” noises. We soon found out that those noises are called “grunts” and are an indicator of a condition called Transient Tachypnea of a Newborn (TTN), which is fluid on the lungs. At 4 hours old, they took you off to observe you and you were soon admitted to the Intermediate Care Unit. You were a very sick little boy, hooked up to an IV, oxygen prongs and more wires and probes than any little newborn should be. Normal respiratory rates are between 20-30, yours were around 150, causing erratic breathing and making you struggle for every breath. In addition to TTN, the x-rays showed a small air pocket surrounding your heart and lungs.

You were on minimal handling orders because any stimulation you had would cause your respiratory rates to skyrocket. It was torture not being able to hold my precious new baby, watching you in your incubator, fighting so hard to get well. I was finally able to hold you and nurse you at 3 days old, it really was the best feeling in the world.

We had asked so many of our friends and family to pray with us for your speedy recovery so that we could bring you home. On Sunday, when many Sunday School classes and congregations had prayed for you, your most significant improvements happened. You were taken off of your IV as well as your oxygen prongs; your antibiotics were discontinued and you were moved from you incubator to a regular bassinet. You were on the mend. You just needed to prove that you could feed well and meet your minimum daily nutritional requirements.

I nursed you as much as I could, but it was exhausting to you with your respiratory problems. We had to bottle feed you with my milk as a way to supplement your intake. You continued to improve and get stronger and stronger and we were finally allowed to bring you home on Tuesday afternoon…you were 5 days old. I have never been as happy and relieved, yet I felt completely neurotic about having you at home with no nurses to help if something went wrong. Most of all I am thankful that you are getting stronger with every day that you are here at home with us. We love you so very much Baby Lawson, you are a fighter and a real trooper!"


Laura said...

hum. not sure what i am more impressed with - the awesome layout or the fact that you created the layout with a newborn and two year old!!! nothing slows you down. i hope you are feeling well :)

Not Hannah said...

Beautiful, lady!