Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome Baby Lawson!!!

Lawson Shayne Murray arrived on the scene Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 9:19 p.m. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 19.25 inches. Proud big sister Maybel was on hand during some of the labor and just outside the room for the delivery. She was so happy to be a part of her brother's birth.

One of the first pictures of me with my sweet new little man!

He still looking rather new at this point.

Nalley is the only thing that would have made the occasion more wonderful, but she's not quite old enough to have managed the whole thing. She came to meet him the next morning.

Unfortunately, she didn't get to hold him because he was admitted to the Intermediate Care Unit at 4 hours old because his breathing was unstable and erratic. He was diagnosed with a condition called TTN (Transient Tachypnea of a Newborn), which means that he was born with fluid on the lungs. He also had a small pocket of air surrounding his heart and lungs.

He was a very sick little boy for a few days, hooked up to an oxygen flow, an IV with antibiotic drip, and more wires, monitors and leads than should be allowed for a tiny little baby. He was on no touch orders inside his incubator with minimal handling because his respiratory rates would skyrocket when he was touched or stimulated. He initially nursed in our room just after he was born, but after he was admitted, he was only allowed to take fluid from his IV for fear of aspiration for the next 48 hours. He was finally allowed to start feeding on Sunday and did amazingly well.
We have asked so many people to pray with us for his speedy recovery so that he will be able to come home with us. Many responded to say that they would tell thier Sunday School classes and church congregations to pray with us. Friday and Saturday were very critical and he was not doing well over night that night. However, Sunday brought so much change and Lawson came
out of his incubator into a regular bassinet. He also was taken off of his oxygen prongs, his IV came out, and he was taken off of the antibiotics. Each day has brought about more good news...Monday he was taken off all of his monitors. His respiration has leveled out, but it is still high (normal levels are between 2o & 30...Lawson's were originally as high as the 150's but were erratic and unstable) in the 50's to 60's. Shayne and I have been traveling back and forth to the hospital every 3 hours to feed him and Nalley has been farmed out to where ever we can put her. We are now just waiting to see if he has figured out how to eat properly and if he can meet his daily minimum requirements for nutrition. So far so is looking like he might be able to come home with us on Wednesday. Pray with us that he can come home as soon as possible!!!


lauraping said...

So happy for you and Shayne. Having a boy is a totally experience - one you will treasure beyond words.

Have I mentioned that my Josh was born on July 16th! What a happy coincidence!

Jacy said...

Wow... the two are quite similar :) Congrats to you too! Hope baby is feeling better.
Oh and I love your scrapbook pages, I am totally inspired and want to scrapbook now!!

Christina said...

That last photo of him looks like he's doing so well! I'm glad to hear of the turn around on Sunday and I hope you find yourself at home with your little guy very soon!