Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Far Behind

It has been a whirlwind sort of month since Lawson was born! I knew to expect craziness, and that is what we've had. I remember when Nalley was born feeling like days just whipped by and I could hardly get a shower. That has happened again but I am running ragged trying to keep up with a toddler and a newborn while trying to keep a bored 9 year old entertained to boot! It's not easy...

My parents left yesterday after a week-long visit with their grand-babies. They lapped up every minute of the kids, although I think they were a bit bored being confined to the house with nap schedules and such. All in all it was a wonderful time with them, I celebrated my birthday with them on the 16th for the first time in 5 years. Nalley is already missing Nana and Papa and asking when we can ride on the airplane to go see them.

Just before Lawson was born, Jocelyne came over to shoot some pregnancy pics...something I was not really excited about (who really wants to remember how fat they were) but was convinced that I would want them later. I hadn't done it with Nalley and did sort of regret not having them. I also had her take a few pictures of the girls by themselves.

The last picture is Lawson on his first photo shoot at 1 week old. I have to do better and start posting more recent pictures, I'm sure it will happen...don't know when though!

Also...I am starting to think of getting back to work...soon. I will be teaching a digital scrapbooking class, a mini accordian album class, a Halloween-themed class, and a Christmas-themed class this fall. I am still in the organizational and planning phase, but as soon as I get the projects and schedule nailed down, I will post. Any suggestions are welcomed!