Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sweet Cheeks & Muffins

I have two super yummy things to blog about today...Lawson who is so sweet I could just "eat him with a spoon"...hope that isn't disturbing to any of you overseas is an expression used down south to describe a baby or child that is just too cute for words.

I mean look at those schmooshy lips...aren't they just so irresistable...kissing those little lips and cheeks is my favorite pass time these days.

At his 2 month check up on the 16th, he was 11.9 pounds...up 3 pounds since his 1 month which was 8.8 pounds. He's getting some chunk on him now. Still the best baby ever...sleeping through the night at 8 weeks...well anywhere from 6.5 to 8.5 hours uninterrupted, that is what I consider to be sleeping through the night.

He is soooo smiley and laughs at us all the time. He has great head control and loves to stand up on our laps and look around. The girls are completely in LOVE...they want to spend every minute talking to him and getting him to coo at them. Nalley's latest things to say about him are: "well I guess he's cooing at me mommy" or when he's hungry "we got a chirky (chirpy) birdie mommy" and when he's upset "mommy he's aaacking" (the "aaaaa" sound that a newborn makes when it crys). She keeps us in stitches wit the funny things she says.

These are my "famous" apple muffins. I took a recipe for apple bread off of the internet about 4 years ago and COMPLETELY changed it. I started making muffins instead of bread 3 years ago and they have been my families favorite since then. Each fall we get apples from friends (a huge bin from Shauna this year...thanks again Shauna) and I make applesauce and at least 12 dozen of these muffins to freeze. They are great for breakfast for the kids or as an afternoon snack with coffee. I'll post the recipe tomorrow...stay tuned!

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Christina said...

He's so big! Where does the time go... :)