Friday, November 13, 2009

Quilt for Bed 18

There is so much that I want to blog about, and so little time to blog. This is something that I have been wanting to share because it was so special to me...

Last Monday, Lawson and I took this quilt down to the Intermediate Care Unit at Women's Hospital, where he spent the first week of his life. While he was there, the nurses placed small quilts over his isolet, to sheild the bright lights. Since I enjoy quilting so much, I told the nurses that I would make one and bring it down when life settled for us a little.

I wouldn't say that life has settled all that much, in fact it is probably even busier as the holiday season approaches. But the IMCU is so special to our family, that I really wanted to take Lawson back to see his nurses and take them a quilt. I made it specifically out of some of the leftover pieces of the Katie Jump Rope fabric that I made his quilt from.

When we got there, his nurses Sherri and Renee were there. They are so special and were so very appreciative of the quilt and a big bag of sleepers and stuff that we took as well. It was suggested that the quilt be donated to the baby who is currently in bed 18, the bed where Lawson stayed. It is a little girl who has been there for a while, so I couldn't be happier.

As I left that morning, with my son in my arms, I felt so blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to give back...just a little. I will make many more quilts for them, I feel compelled. I also plan to go cuddle the babies that are there who have no one to cuddle them or visit very sad that makes me.

If any of you quilters out there would like to donate a block...let's say an 8 inch block...please let me know, I think that would be very cool to make a quilt that many people have contributed to and donate to the IMCU.