Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Murray Christmas to All...

Our Christmas adventures begin with a building our gingerbread house. This is not the kind of activity a perfectionists' kids enjoy...well, they did have fun, but I'm sure not as much fun as if I'd just have let them have free reign over where all the candies landed...nonetheless, look at that CUTE house!

All 3 kids were invited to their babysitter, Kristyn's house to watch the Grinch and make their own mini gingerbread houses...well, Lawson didn't actually participate...but these houses are more like it, soooo cute and they got to do it all themselves, w/o perfectionist mom to hinder their creativity and the fun factor!

Me sporting my beautiful Christmas sweater...don't you LOVE it? We hosted Christmas Eve at our house and in true Murray style, we had an ugly Christmas sweater contest...I designed mine and Shayne created them both, great job honey!

Lawson wearing the Christmas outfit that my brother Hamilton wore 37 Christmases cute and retro!!! Gotta love my little chunky man!

I buy the kids a new pair of Christmas PJ's every year, last year the girls' matched perfectly, this year I couldn't get them the same in the different sizes, so we just sort of blended...then adding a little man into the mix, there probably won't be anymore perfect matches on the PJ front! Aren't the adorable?!?

My man crashed out on the new Elephant pillow that his sisters gave him for Christmas...precious, I know...

Have you ever seen anything hubby and my little dude rockin' out in matching outfits for Christmas dinner!!! I LOVE IT! My MIL bought Lawson this outfit from Shayne's favorite clothes store, of my favorite pics, ever!

Well, that wraps up our Christmas season, hope yours was as memorable and fun as ours was!