Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Time to Catch Up

Nothing like the flu to keep you up all night, sick and miserable. Now that Lawson is finally sleeping through the night, thanks to the girls at Mom's on Call...(and they are from my hometown, Marietta, Georgia) being up and sick while the whole family is sleeping, really stinks!
I had the flu shot, just like every year, and have not had the flu in about 6 years...but it hit me like a freight train Monday at about 2 in the afternoon. My skin hurts, my joints ache, my head feels like someone hit me with a frying pan or rolling pin (insert cartoon visual here) and I flip-flop between being ice cold and sweating bullets...nice, eh?

So, since I am awake and miserable, I thought I'd take this time to update my sadly neglected little blog. I'm sure no one reads it anymore, but on the off chance someone does...this is what we've been up to lately.

Nalley loves being outdoors, summer or winter, but since her Mommy is a HUGE weany for the cold and snow, she is not outside much in the winter, unless it is with Maybel or Daddy. So, when Shayne goes out to shovel, she takes advantage of it. She was having a blast throwing snowballs at anything and everything. She is a very funny little girl.

Baby Lawson, yes, we all call him Baby Lawson, and probably will untill he's such a joy. As I mentioned, we used the Mom's on Call method for getting him to sleep through the night. Nalley started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks and we only had to use the Ferber method for her at 9 months because we had disrupted her schedule severly with 2 week visit to my parents in Georgia and a 12 day trip to Maui that landed back to back. It only took about 3 nights to get her back to her regular sleep habits. Not so much with this little man.

He too, started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, but then at around 4 months, he got all out of joint and would wake up anywhere from 2 to 7 times a night wanting to be nursed back to sleep. Stupidly, I would give in and go do it, fearing that his crys would wake up Nalley. It almost cost me my sanity. The Mom's on Call method is the best thing that happened to us. We are big advocates of it, although it was not easy. I guess that you just get to a place that you just can't do what you're doing anymore...and that was that.
These are some funny pics of Nalley and Lawson at about the same age. The kids pile into our bed on the weekends and goof off for a while before we're ready to get up. One of those mornings, Maybel put a wig for her Build-a-Bear on Nalley, so we took a picture, we got a good chuckle from it. We were piled in our bed on another such morning not too long ago and that picture got mentioned, so Maybel went to get the wig and we put it on Baby Lawson for another chuckle and another picture. Funny, huh?

I have been sewing up a storm lately. Making cute little outfits for Nalley, little purses and wallets, market bags, window treatments, you name it. I would post some pics now, but I haven't downloaded them yet and the camera is in the bedroom where Shayne is I will get them posted soon. Until then, stay well.

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Christina said...

I still read you. :) Just takes me awhile to get to blogs sometimes. :)

Brice didn't start sleeping through the night until about a month ago when we moved him to a toddler bed. Not exactly sure why, but it was just the thing. None of the sleep methods worked for him, he was just plain hungry at night! Glad that we can get him to sleep through the night now. I needed it!