Monday, March 29, 2010

Like a Chicken

with my HEAD cut off...that's how I feel! It is Spring Break here and I have all three kiddos here to entertain! Today was gorgeous and we all went to the park to play and burn off some steam! It was Baby Lawson's first real trip to the park, that he wasn't stuck in the stroller, sleeping while the girls played. He LOVED the swings and the fresh air was wonderful for us all.

I have been sewing up a storm for some custom order wristlet key fobs, working out the kinks for some handmade sew-in labels for my stuff, planning and sewing for the babies quilts, and teaching Maybel how to sew. That of course is in addition to all the other regular, laundry, vacuuming (which is pointless...but necessary around here) and other general mom-of-three duties. Oh yeah, and I have a new design team layout for the Shabby Princess's new GORGEOUS spring kit, it is.

The title, Pinkalicous, came from a cute book that Nalley was given for her birthday, called...Pinkalicous. Anything that's pink, she calls pinkalicious...pretty cute! I really needed to scrap some LO's of Lawson, he has totally gotten gypped in that department, but I really don't have time right now, and didn't figure he'd want a layout of pink and yellow. I figure this summer, I won't be able to be downstairs to sew much, so I'll take the laptop outside while the kids play and get caught up.

As previously mentioned, vacuuming is necessary around here not just because I really LOVE a clean house...and NEVER have one with 3 kids...but because Baby Lawson is MOBILE baby is on the go. I knew boys were different, but I did not know just how very different he would be. Nalley is happy to sit and play in one spot, but not Lawson, he wants to be down and into everything! So, my vacuum cleaner stays out most of the time, ready and waiting for all of the messes that the two little ones make, sucking it all up before the little dude can get to it and eat it straight off the floor. Because that's what 8 month old little boys do...
Our dinner club was a ton of fun, the girls were at Shayne's parents house for a sleepover, and the little man stayed at home...can't farm him out just yet. I got him to sleep just before everyone arrived, and he woke up screaming just as we were sitting down for dinner. I served these wonderful cannucks a garden salad with hot bacon and honey mustard dressing and cheese toast (like they serve at Houstons) some fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, broccoli cheese rice casserole, fried okra, baked beans, sweet potato casserole, and Pirate's House cornbread. It was not a meal for the faint of heart or the cholesterol conscious. We DO NOT eat like this often, but MAN was it good, and such a throwback to my home in GA. On that note, I'm going to go scrounge up a piece of that left over cornbread...

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Amber said...

yum - sounds delicious...and as much as I'd love to be cuddling a little baby (sometimes), I would l=not like to have to remember to keep everything off the ground :-)
Hope you have a great spring break - block volunteers are still coming in :-)