Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blown Away

Oh my goodnes...I am exhausted. Really. I have been going non-stop since the article ran in the Winnipeg Free Press last week. I have gotten about 30-40 e-mails from people wanting to help with the Quilting for Babes project.

Last fall, my sweet husband bought me a brand new Pfaff Expression 2.0 from Carellan Sewing Centre, on Academy Road, here in the Peg. Barb is the owner and it has been a real treat to get to know her better. She has been wonderful to take time with me to get to know my new machine (which is a dream btw...but is, as of now, still un-named). I had spoken with her a few weeks ago about QFB, and she was very supportive. When I called her on Friday to tell her about the article, she had already read it, and graciously invited me down to tell the ladies of her "Sew We Care" sewing group a little more about the project.

Barb has offered her store to us to meet and combine efforts to cut, piece, quilt, finish, etc...what ever needs to be done. When there is a date set, I will post it and any locals are invited to help out. Thank you Barb, in addition to loving my new machine, I love the care that you've taken with me...and the generous spirit in which you have extended your hospitality.

There have been several ladies who have so generously given me loads of fabric for these quilts. In fact, Maybel learned to sew over Spring Break and has been anxiously waiting for me to help her make her own quilt for QFB...so tonight she did. She used some of the fabric that had been donated to make her very first quilt top. She had so much fun, and in fact looked at me sincerely and said, "Mom, you are the best mom in the whole wide world." Seeing as she is my step-daughter, and her mom and I get along really well, I'll take that to mean that I am the SECOND best mom in the whole wide world...LOL! At any rate, it was some quality time spent and I am so proud of the giving spirit that she has.
A couple of people have given me a cash donation to offset the costs of finishing all of these quilts myself, and I would like to say thank you. With that, I went to Fabricland today and picked up some batting...the manager there has given me a discount for this project, that really helps. So thank you Joann, I appreciate that very much.
I finished up the quilt to be sent to my friend's wife and kids tonight, but I am too tired to take a picture. I will tomorrow before I pack it up and ship it. Shane's wife, DeAnn has told me that they have already picked out a little boy to whom they want to donate the quilt to. I would like to get his story and share it eventually.
For now, I. am. tired. And I am going to bed.

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Amber said...

Oh Wow - this is so amazing!! It's so awesome how the Lord is providing!