Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giveaway Deadline

The official deadline for the Quilting for Babes giveaways was May 1, but since Canada Post doesn't run on Saturday, I left it open until today (I know, I'm Amber has posted her list and here is mine:

Christina: 6 blocks
Debbie: 2 completed quilts
Jocey: 3 completed quilts + 4 blocks
Mel: 1 completed quilt
Laura: 1 completed quilt
Carly: 3 quilt tops + 2 blocks
Janet: 1 completed quilt
K.W. (from Emo, ON???): 12 blocks
Fran: 3 completed quilts
Gail: 2 completed quilts
Monika: 4 blocks

Amber and I are working out the details of assigning #'s for entries...we will post the winners soon!

Additionally, here are a few heartwarming stories that I have to share about the outpouring of love and generosity that has come forth in response to this project.

I have received countless e-mails from women from all over Manitoba who belong to small quilting groups that are working on multiple quilts for the babies. At least 4 of those groups have half a dozen to a dozen quilts each that they will be donating. I got an e-mail from one lady last night to tell me about how excited her group is about QFB. One of the members of her group has started making towels to hang on the fridge to sell to the residence of their 55+ community so that she can collect money for sleepers in addition to all of the quilts they are making. They have invited me to their Spring Tea where they will display the quilts and donate them to QFB...I was a puddle of tears after reading that e-mail...

I got an e-mail last week from 2 girls from the Grade 11 & 12 Sewing Class at Churchill H.S. (Churchill, Manitoba is where all the polar bears are). The girls said that their teacher read the article from the paper to them in class and they are all going to be making quilts for this project. The e-mail said some of them already know how to quilt, and others are excited to learn. I got a follow up e-mail from their teacher telling me how excited they are to participate.

A sweet woman named Margaret, who is turning 90 next week, sent her son to deliver some fabric to me today. A friend of hers e-mailed me last week to tell me about Margaret, and to let me know that she was touched by the QFB project. Margaret has been quilting for most of her life, and made around 100 quilts a year for the babies at the Children's Hospital here in Winnipeg. Her eye sight is failing and can no longer quilt, so when she read about my project, she wanted me to have her carry on in her place. Ms. Margaret, I am honored to follow in your footsteps, those are some mighty big shoes to fill...

Like Margaret, several sweet, sweet ladies have given me fabric that they can no longer use. I am so grateful to have it, and I promise to put it to good use, there are lots of babies that need a quilt.

I got another e-mail this week from a lady who had purchased a few sleepers herself, and had some gently used ones she was going to donate. She e-mailed me back tonight to tell me that she had collected quite a few more from "some of the fabulous people" she works with.

There are countless more stories to share, each person that has given, no doubt has their own reasons of doing so. I am thankful that this project resonates with so many.

It is not too late, if you would like to contribute, send me an e-mail or comment on this post...


Amber said...

wow Kathy - this is just amazing! You must be floating :-)

CitricSugar said...

All the stories! Wow - look at the amazing thing you started!!

Christina said...

I feel kind of lame only donating blocks. ;) I think you should leave my name out of the drawing, these women that did so much more deserve to be on that list. I was just happy to help in some small way.

Good job Kathy! This is all very wonderful! It sounds like it's a wonderful community up your way.

Amber said...

oh Christina - please don't feel that way - we are totally blessed by everyone that has donated..whether it's blocks or quilts - thank you so much for helping!