Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Up to Date

I have been criticized lately for taking on too many projects. It is in my nature to have LOTS going on in my life. I am a TRUE TYPE A personality, I thrive on the challenge of teaching myself a new skill or hobby. I get completely jazzed when I actually figure it out and perfect it. It is what keeps me sane....honestly. I am sure that MANY of you reading this can totally relate.

Yes, sometimes I do TOO much. Sometimes I am completely worn out and really do need to slow down. But telling me not to have some sort of crafty sewing/paper/digital project or party to plan, or cake to bake is like telling the sun not to shine. In fact, my projects are the sun in my life. PLEASE don't get me wrong. My kids and my husband are my life. They are the greatest gifts that God could ever have given me. Period. But I also believe that God gave me a talent in my creative expression, a way to make things that are of value to others. A way for me to contribute financially to our family, and I believe He is pleased with my work, my art.

I am always seeking to find a balance in my life. It is a very hard job to be a stay at home, let alone a work at home MOM. I am a MOM first, and my outlet for all the long hours and whiny little ones, are my projects. End of story.

Funny thing about it all, is that the project that I was criticized about is Quilting for Babes. Funny how some people can take a good thing that people are doing, NOT FOR THEMSELVES, but for others, and be nasty about it. Good thing is folks, I have never really cared what other people think about me. It just doesn't matter to me. So all you crafty people of the world, craft on...helping other people, and don't give the criticism another thought.

And here are some of the things I've been doing this week. A lovey blankie for my cousin's new baby girl.

My first taste of embroidery. Not perfect, but nice, and I feel like it will be something to work on in the future.

Me and my kiddos on Mother's Day. The girls spent Saturday night with my in-laws and Maybel had to go on to her mom's that morning, so I didn't get any pics with her. My first Mother's Day with Lawson, he has made it all complete for me.

A dress I made for Nalley on own version of the knot front dress. I got such satisfaction from this dress. Completely winging it and it came out great. That doesn't often happen when I wing it. First time was a charm, no stitch is good.

I finished up the quilting and binding on my two baby quilts. With everything else that I have been working on for QFB, I hadn't had a chance to finish my own quilts. Glad they are done. Now I've got to work on some other WIPS and start whiddling down the list of unfinished I can start some new ones...LOL!


Amber said...

WHAT - how dare they! Keep up the great work Kathy! I posted a little summary today - can't believe how it all adds up :-)

CitricSugar said...

Some people.... ! Try to remember that one criticism may seem loud but there is quiet admiration from so many others. Your actions are louder than their complaint.

Plus, you are a rockstar. ;-)

Brandy Lynn said...

What! Having met you in person only once I know that you have the kindest heart. If someone has criticized you for the loving, caring thing that you are doing for the community then they should take a good look at their own life to see what has hardened their heart. We are exactly the same with our busy hands. Keep following your heart!